August Foodie PenPal Reveal

August was a pretty cool month for me.  You know…getting married and stuff.  🙂  I also got a really cool foodie box from Colleen at The Chocolate Mile.  I don’t know how she got all of this for $15 because the box was jam packed full of really awesome stuff including a wedding card and a really sweet note!

Hope you can read that because it is really sweet.  I know using my I-Phone as a camera for a blogger is embarrassing but hey…its whateve.  My shadow is pretty nice too!

Here is all the loot!

See what I mean about being spoiled?  That is a lot of stuff.  Here is a little run down…..

Here are the notes again and some cliff kids fruit twits (my sister had already snagged one at that point to pack for a school snack) and some peanut butter ginger chews which I haven’t tried yet.

Raw wildflower honey.  I opened it and it is firmer than the processed honey I normally use.  I guess I can’t call myself a foodie anymore since I have never seen raw honey before.  Don’t judge.  Anyway…I put some in my overnight oats and it was delish.

Coco puffs and apple spread.  I haven’t opened these up yet but Colleen suggested eating them together.  I have a half a jar of apple butter still in the fridge so I am saving this apple spread for later.

And my favorite goodies….I love dark chocolate.  These are basically almost gone.  Like from one night.

They look like poops but they are the most delish poops I have ever eaten.
Thank you so much Colleen!  What a great box!

I sent my box to Katrina at Toss The Sugar Fitness so go check her out!
The Foodie Pen Pal program is like Christmas every month and I love it.  You don’t have to be a blogger to join so go check it out!  Lindsay is so awesome to organize this every month!
So see you Monday.  With a more organized and awesome blog.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!



My Champion

I am back from my wedding and honeymoon adventures.  🙂

I missed my little champion.  I gave her a “dessert” flavor of Chobani because typically we just eat plain and mix in our own fruit.  She clearly loved it.

Vanilla chocolate chunk… good.  We are going to experiment with it in the freezer.  So Chobani…if you need a new model…Baby Belle is ready!  🙂  You can pay  her in yogurt!


Now that I am back I am going to take a few days to get the house organized and my blog organized.  Then get ready for a pretty jazzy blog.

Til then friends.

Shaunna Maxwell 🙂

Bye Bye Blogger!

Not forever….

but through the month of August.

I am getting married y’all.

I want to focus on the last minute details of pulling off a fabulous wedding.

I want to enjoy every minute of my honeymoon with Kevin.

I want to cuddle my Baby Belle to pieces when I return to real life.

In September I will work hard on this blog…make it what I wanted.
Until then,
Shaunna 🙂

People Probably Hate Me.

1. My friend Tina (the one who watched me do yoga) and I have been walking at Grays Lake every Tuesday and Thursday.  Yesterday I asked her if she would be interested in doing a quick little leg workout afterward.  She said yes.

Leg Workout

-We found a picnic table and stepped up on the seat 20 times per leg.  I am definitely not a personal trainer but I called them step ups.

-We did 20 calf raises.

-We did 20 curtsey lunges per leg.

My legs already feel pretty tight so I know we will both be hurting in the morning.  She will probably hate me.  Hopefully not hate me too much because we are brewing up some good plans to get together daily after the wedding.  I am beyond excited to have a committed work out partner.


2.  My sister probably hates me.  I made a protein smoothie this morning.   My ninja is pretty quiet but it could have disturbed her.

I threw some frozen mango cubes, frozen strawberries and some Passion Fruit Zico coconut water with some Nutiva hemp protein powder.  Tasted like tropical muscle building paradise.  While I was chugging my smoothie I went outside and harvested some basil.  Then I decided to make pesto!

I make my pesto with basil, spinach, almonds (just a few), parmesan (I don’t know how to spell that!) cheese, and olive oil.  I then freeze it in ice cube trays so that I can use it as needed.


And Kevin probably hates me.  Our house is a wreck.  I have my stuff strewn everywhere!  I tried taking pictures so you could sympathize with him but the lighting and my crappy I-Phone camera wasn’t cooperating.

Hopefully I score some brownie points with my go to pasta bake that I have been making on a weekly basis for the family when I am out doing my parties.  It is easy peasy.

All you need is:



pasta (not pictured)

cheese (not pictured)

All you do is cook the pasta as directed on the box, stir in some chopped pepperoni, stir in the sauce and cover with cheese.  I make it in the morning and then put it in the fridge.  This is easy enough for my sister or Kevin to throw in the oven at 35o until it is heated through and the cheese is all melty and yummy.  Brownie points!

Enjoy your day ya’ll and don’t be hatin’.





We Are A Winning Couple.

Just not at golf.  🙂

Kevin invited me to golf with him yesterday.  Golfing is one of his favorite hobbies.  I have only golfed a handful of times but I will jump on the chance to spend time with him any day and any way.

We golfed in my home town at the Briggs Woods Public Golf Course.  Kevin and his buddies have golfed there several times but it was my first time and it was a ton of fun!  Like I mentioned before I have only golfed a few times in my life.  Despite my lack of experience and practice I was able to hit a couple of good hits.  (Do they call them hits?)

I have terrible form and from the jeers and cat calls I received 🙂 I swing way too hard.  It is more like I am playing softball than golfing.  My side, back and arms are killing me today and I think if I played properly I could save myself from that.

I need to watch the pro at work.

Either way we had an awesome time.  It took a long time but it was great time to spend together.  And we didn’t win anything.  We scored a 91 in couples best ball.  There was an older couple in their 70’s that scored a 70.  I am obviously no Bubba Watson.

That was the highlight of our busy weekend.  I can’t wait until I am invited to golf again!


Pre-Wedding Goals

I was going to post my August goals but then thought better of it.  Why?

Well because hardly any of my July goals got touched.  I am not feeling very guilty about because you know what?  Planning a wedding is hard.  😦  I am so grateful to have friends and family to help me with tasks because there is no way I could do this alone!

So I have decided to plan some Pre-Wedding goals and I know I can stick to these!

1.  Have fun with Baby Belle.  She is at a really fun age!  I don’t want to miss a minute of it….except for the tantrums, which usually involve her spitting on herself.  😦  Any moms out there have any advice on that?  I don’t get it!

2.  I am going to continue working out because I want people to have to buy tickets to my wedding gun show but I am not counting calories.  After doing the Fitmixer boot camp I have really learned to just love my body more.  I love my kangaroo pouch and tiger stripes.  I love my bad ass arms.  I love my toned legs that look ultra sexy in my wedding shoes.  I am going to enjoy what I eat and not feel a bit of guilt when I eat this:

or this:

Recipes for both to come.  I will have recipes on my recipe page very soon.

So that is it (I totally just typed eat).  I am going to attempt to enjoy the last minute wedding plans, expenses and jitters as much as I can.  I am going to enjoy my wedding with all of my friends, family and most importantly new husband.  I am going to enjoy a week of vacation with Kev, napping, laughing, sexing, and exploring.

Then I will re-evaluate my goals and push harder.

Have a great weekend y’all.



And PS to Kevin….I LOVE YOU!

Things I Love

I am loving a lot of things in my life….but here are a few in particular.

I eat about 2 giant tomatoes as snacks every day thanks to our tomato jungle.  We tried planting other stuff but planted it all too close and the tomatoes took over.  They are plentiful and delish.

I won a ton of Uber bars from one of Laura’s giveaways at Mommy Run Fast!  A ton of ’em so I shared at the office.  These bars are soooo yummy and the Larabar company was neat enough to add a hand written note which I have still since I like snail mail.  Especially from strangers.  🙂

Tried this last night:

Banana Peanut Butter Ben and Jerry’s GREEK frozen Yogurt.  Sooo good.  Here is a crappy I-Phone picture of the nutrition stats:

And then I really love this:

It is a little blurry but boy oh boy is she a cutie.  She loved the Brides veil my cousin made me for my bachelorette party (which by the way…I loved).

Have a good Thursday everyone…tomorrow is Friday.