Toddler Tuesday-Stella Is A Princess Ballerina

Hey friends!

Hope you enjoyed the collages yesterday.   I spent too much time putting them together but I thought they were pretty jazzy.

So my kid loves to dance.  A good friend of mine gave me some hand me downs from her daughter and when I went through the boxes we found several leotards.  Stella loves wearing them and prancing around the house.  She always loves to show her daddy “her moves”.

I came across an advertisement for a 4 day Princess camp at Brekke Dance Center which isn’t too far from our house I signed her up right away.  I really want to sign her up for dance but thought this would be a great way to see if she would truly enjoy it and pay attention.  I get that she is 3 but I could see her acting like a total lunatic.  I know dance is a huge financial and time investment so I wanted to make sure we would both enjoy it.

Last night was the first night and from what I can tell my kid will have a long dance career ahead of her!


I couldn’t upload a video here on the blog so go check out my facebook page and I will post it there!

The ballerina’s mama,



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