Things I Love

I am loving a lot of things in my life….but here are a few in particular.

I eat about 2 giant tomatoes as snacks every day thanks to our tomato jungle.  We tried planting other stuff but planted it all too close and the tomatoes took over.  They are plentiful and delish.

I won a ton of Uber bars from one of Laura’s giveaways at Mommy Run Fast!  A ton of ’em so I shared at the office.  These bars are soooo yummy and the Larabar company was neat enough to add a hand written note which I have still since I like snail mail.  Especially from strangers.  🙂

Tried this last night:

Banana Peanut Butter Ben and Jerry’s GREEK frozen Yogurt.  Sooo good.  Here is a crappy I-Phone picture of the nutrition stats:

And then I really love this:

It is a little blurry but boy oh boy is she a cutie.  She loved the Brides veil my cousin made me for my bachelorette party (which by the way…I loved).

Have a good Thursday everyone…tomorrow is Friday.



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