People Probably Hate Me.

1. My friend Tina (the one who watched me do yoga) and I have been walking at Grays Lake every Tuesday and Thursday.  Yesterday I asked her if she would be interested in doing a quick little leg workout afterward.  She said yes.

Leg Workout

-We found a picnic table and stepped up on the seat 20 times per leg.  I am definitely not a personal trainer but I called them step ups.

-We did 20 calf raises.

-We did 20 curtsey lunges per leg.

My legs already feel pretty tight so I know we will both be hurting in the morning.  She will probably hate me.  Hopefully not hate me too much because we are brewing up some good plans to get together daily after the wedding.  I am beyond excited to have a committed work out partner.


2.  My sister probably hates me.  I made a protein smoothie this morning.   My ninja is pretty quiet but it could have disturbed her.

I threw some frozen mango cubes, frozen strawberries and some Passion Fruit Zico coconut water with some Nutiva hemp protein powder.  Tasted like tropical muscle building paradise.  While I was chugging my smoothie I went outside and harvested some basil.  Then I decided to make pesto!

I make my pesto with basil, spinach, almonds (just a few), parmesan (I don’t know how to spell that!) cheese, and olive oil.  I then freeze it in ice cube trays so that I can use it as needed.


And Kevin probably hates me.  Our house is a wreck.  I have my stuff strewn everywhere!  I tried taking pictures so you could sympathize with him but the lighting and my crappy I-Phone camera wasn’t cooperating.

Hopefully I score some brownie points with my go to pasta bake that I have been making on a weekly basis for the family when I am out doing my parties.  It is easy peasy.

All you need is:



pasta (not pictured)

cheese (not pictured)

All you do is cook the pasta as directed on the box, stir in some chopped pepperoni, stir in the sauce and cover with cheese.  I make it in the morning and then put it in the fridge.  This is easy enough for my sister or Kevin to throw in the oven at 35o until it is heated through and the cheese is all melty and yummy.  Brownie points!

Enjoy your day ya’ll and don’t be hatin’.






4 thoughts on “People Probably Hate Me.

  1. I don’t hate you! You forgot to mention that you also made me do 20 squats!

  2. I would love to do some workouts with a buddy! Fortunately for me though, my workplace has a wellness center and we’re even encouraged to go during our workday. I go at like 345 and work out as the last part of my work day. So nice that I don’t have to take time after work to get my daily exercise in.

    I just made pesto last weekend! I have a draft post I’m working on. I also put it in the ice cube trays 🙂

    • I wish I could workout during the day here at work. I could probably bust out some sit ups and push ups but would totally get some weird looks 🙂

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