Giving It Another Go-Rejoining Weight Watchers

Hi y’all.

Boy am I glad that tomorrow is Friday!  It has been a pretty crummy week and I am so ready for the weekend!

So I promised to talk about my Weight Watchers decision.  Here I go:

My stepmom and family friend joined weight watchers the summer of last year.  They had great results and encouraged me to join to help shed the remainder of my baby weight.

I am fairly certain that I started in September of 2011 but the weight record data that I found was starting in December.  At that time I weighed 153.4 pounds.  My last weight record was from May 9, 2012 and I was down to 144.8.  I know I lost at 22.4 pounds total through Weight Watchers during that time.

I love the program and it made losing weight easier for me.  Here is how the system works:

Weight Watchers works with a point system.  Food is assigned a point value by calculating its fat, carbs, fiber and protein.  For instance this chocolate oatmeal was 4 points.

I get 26 points per day and they determine the amount of points you are allowed by your weight and how much you move around during the day.  All Weight Watchers members also get 49 additional points to use how they choose through out the week.  So for instance I can have a treat every single day of the week that is only 8 or so points or I can save them all for when I go out to eat or something and have a drink or two.

You can also earn activity points through working out that you can use toward food as well or I just opt to earn them and know that my work is going toward losing weight.

I lost weight safely through Weight Watchers.  I didn’t take any pills, I didn’t deprive myself, and at the meetings I had peers supporting me and THAT was key.  I quit in May with the thought that I had the knowledge to do it on my own (I did) but as supportive as Kevin and my sis are they just don’t get the struggle that can come with eating healthy!

There is a bit more to the program but I won’t babble on.  Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section and I will be sure to answer them.

So I am back and I will remain until I hit my goal of 130 pounds.  I know I am going to have to work my butt off but I am ready to make that commitment.  So instead of tracking calories I will be reporting my daily and weekly points.

Yesterday I jogged/walked 2+ miles with MJ and I ate 37 points because Kevin and I ended up going out for dinner since his flight came back at 6:30 instead of 9:30 and jumbled my dinner plans all up.

Do any of you have any questions about Weight Watchers?  Have any of you tried Weight Watchers or know someone who has?
Have a great day!



Hump Day Happenings

Hey y’all.

I read a lot of blogs.  Like I am truly subscribed to around 30 blogs that I read all day, every day.  I thought it would be a fun weekly thing to share some of my favorite blog posts with you which is why I am starting Hump Day Happenings.

Check out these great posts!

I have recently started saying NO more.  I was pretty bad about it.  Check out Andreas challenge here.
We have a ton of tomatoes in our jungle and I don’t know how to can (anyone want to do a tutorial with me?) so I think I am going to freeze them using information from this post.


I thrive to eat by the 80/20 rule.  Not sure what that means?  Read this!  I love Tina’s and read every inch of it….never skim this one!


I have 2 lonely peaches in my fridge.  I soooo want to attempt a healthified version of this cobbler at Darling Doodles!


I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately.  This post was really key for me!  It was like Nicole wrote it just for me!
I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did and let me know if you like this feature.  I will definitely continue it if you do!  Do you have any favorite blog posts you have read or wrote lately?  If so please leave a link in the comments!

By the way…. I walked with Tina again yesterday (hope you are feeling better today my friend!) and I went way over my Weight Watchers points but was unprepared for the day as I wasn’t expecting to sign up yesterday.  I will fill you in on Weight Watchers tomorrow!




Wish List Part 2

I liked posting things I want.

I am also unprepared for a decent blog post.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit

Dying for one of these. Probably not a good time of year though 😦

Bubo Cookie Jar

If I had this I would decorate my entire kitchen around it.  Love!  It is from Antrhopologie so it is super expensive but a dream gift anyway 🙂


Another great watch.  Looks like it is unavailable so this one?


If I had these I wouldn’t need to update my winter coat.  Any color would do.  🙂

Nothing beats a pair of wristwarmers for coolness factor, just take my word for it! by hypericumfragile on Etsy

And last but not least.  A little something to remember 8.18.12

couples initials! adorable.

Remember to check out all of my fun pins on Pinterest!

Now back to what this blog really is about.

I didn’t count calories yesterday but I did walk around Grays Lake with Tina.  I also took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers today.  I did it before and lost over 20 pounds.  I just can’t seem to hold myself accountable when I count calories.  I will get more into my Weight Watchers decision in an upcoming post.

Until Tomorrow.






92 Days Until Christmas.

That is 3 months and 1 day people!

I had an awesome weekend and I hope you did too!

I have a lot I want to tell you about but I was way to busy to get it in a post so I am posting my wishlist for Christmas.  Just in case you wanted to know.  This is all from my “Things I Want” board on Pinterest so you can check everything out there!

rose gold...

I am pretty sure this is a mans watch but I love it.  Not sure where it is from because the source on pinterest (click the picture) doesn’t have it posted.  I didn’t look at the website there though.

Name Rings, One For Each Child & Stack Them.

A ring with Baby Belles name on it would be divine.  Click the picture to find out where to buy.

Leather and chain wrap watch

I have a weird obsession with watches apparently.  Not sure what that is about!

and make me this!  @Sara Abrams

When I checked the source of this on Pinterest I was sad that it didn’t lead anywhere.  I am sure Etsy has something similar 🙂

Full length mirror with jewelery storage inside. Christmas Present!! I NEED THIS!!

Another one with no source.  Silly internet with it’s asian websites I don’t know about 😦

I like it

OMG!  Love these!!!  A little pricey but totally jazzy!


Alright you all.  I will be back tomorrow with a non-lazy blog post.

Peace out y’all.






Hey Y’all and Happy Friday Eve.

I love it when I don’t have any Friday night plans and can just go home and lay low. 🙂

Guess what?  After my whiny post yesterday I decided to quit being a buster and get some stuff done.  I crossed off so much stuff off my list!

I froze up a bunch of basil and chives by using this method.  Super simple, just harvest, clean, and then put in ice cube trays and fill with water.  Freeze em up and you are good to go!

I also made 2 kinds of muffins to freeze as well based loosely from this banana bread and this Janethas zucchini muffin recipe that I liked in a previous post.
For the banana bread I didn’t have any oats so I ended up using whole wheat flour (about 3/4 cups) and didn’t use the stevia because I knew I would be slathering peanut butter all over it anyway.

For Janethas I just kind of made it up but used her recipe as a blueprint.  I added chocolate protein powder to these as well.

And guess what?  My back is feeling so much better.  If I have time I hope to schedule in a run with my running partner tonight and will be kicking butt doing this workout that Julie posted today tomorrow morning!  She has a great blog so check it out!

I am feeling so excited that I am thinking about signing up for the Best Body Bootcamp!  Who is with me?

Anywho…I need to get my crap in gear and plan next weeks workouts because I really need to step it up!



Happy Hump Day Y’all.

I am in a bit of a slump…hence the post title.

I woke up Friday with a very achy back.

I went to the chiropractor for the first time on Monday and I am still in pain.

I have never had back pain before so being a bit of a baby but it truly hurts.

I haven’t worked out so I haven’t been tracking my calories.  I drank a lot of booze over the weekend, ate waaaay too much food, and feel just plain gross.

I will be back to my regularly scheduled (ungrumpy, un pity-party) posts when I am on the mend.




Hey y’all.

I almost didn’t post today.  I crossed off several things on my old list but then made a fresh new list with lots of other things.  I also have a jam packed weekend away from home 2 hours away.  I didn’t work out Wednesday, Thursday or today so I am totally slacking.  😦

I did track my calories (way too many calories to lose 4 pounds in 3 weeks!) from yesterday: 1616 😦

I met my Supper Club friends at Irina’s and ordered the Fire Grilled Chicken Pasta but with the spicy tomato sauce instead.

Looks fancy huh?  The sauce was very good but the noodles were slightly overcooked and that chicken was burnt and dry.  Totally not worth the $15 and I didn’t even get a little salad.  But I did eat 3 of their little rolls…which is why I totally suck!  🙂

Since my post is mostly me whining about how I suck I thought I would share a little protein shake concoction I made awhile back.

I had this:

As far as flavor goes…this is gross by itself..  I usually use it for baking and it works great that way.

I also had these which were barely expired:

These also taste horrible by themselves.

So I mixed them with some water and frozen Chobani cubes I had:

And made like a cookies and cream protein milkshake.

I also added some NuNaturals vanilla to it so it did actually taste pretty good.  I don’t know why I am making that weird face.  I guess I was straining to take a picture of myself drinking.  I am a dork!


Have a great weekend!