Buh-Bye Winter Blues

Happy Thursday y’all.

Oh I am so excited about today.  I took Baby Belle out to the car to take her to daycare and the sun was shining and the birds were singing.  It was amazing to see her look around to see where the birds are.  I stopped being rushed to let her point some out to me and just listen.  It made my heart sing!

Things seem to be falling into place and I feel blessed.  All of my struggles seem to be sorting themselves out.  I am grateful to my family and friends who have let me vent and clear my head and have given me advice that seem to have flipped the switch of my attitude.

Thank you to Alanna who said something to me at our girls night last weekend that made me realize how off course I was with something.  I have a refreshed and positive outlook now and I am so excited.

Thank you to Calee who is sharing her information about Intuitive Eating.  I still haven’t gotten the book but I can tell that my guilt is diminishing when I eat something I would see as naughty.  I have 3 books I am currently reading now and once I am done with those that is the first on my list.  Just watching Calee’s progress is making me excited!

Thank you to Lindsay who sent me encouraging words and a wonderful book that I am slowly soaking in when I sent her a desperate email about my struggles with being a good mama.  My patience is slowly getting better now that I am learning about a romance I never even knew about.

Thank you to my hubby who has been so encouraging about me really pushing myself during my workouts.  I like impressing him so I have been busting my booty.  🙂

Thank you to my sister who is such a blessing in my life.  I hope she decides to live with me forever.  🙂

Thank you friends for reading my blog and for letting me count my blessings on here.  I am grateful for you tuning in and letting me share my thoughts with you.

I have many more to be thankful for but these are the struggles I have had these last few months so I wanted to make a shout out.

Spring is coming.  😉




Toddler Tuesday-What should we do next?

Happy Tuesday y’all.

Baby Belle has been very touch and go with our “projects” at home.  She gets very excited but then only works on her “project” for a few minutes before getting bored and moving on to something else.   I need to get more on the ball with fun things for her.   Here are some ideas.  I know a lot of these are probably a little to advanced for her but it’s worth a shot to see what will grab her attention!

All For The Boys is a blog I used to subscribe to but no longer get her daily posts.  A lot of jazzy ideas but I know only a few would be good for Baby Belle at this point.  Here are a few I saved that I think we could try now.

Slime Monsters in a baby food jar.  She has the recipe for the slime in the post.

Baby Belle already got a pretty sweet tent from her grandpa at Christmas but she might think this collapsible cardboard house would be fun to paint and decorate with stickers!

I have been wanting to make Busy Bags forever.  Here are a few cool ideas.

Activity Mom also has some Busy Bag ideas.  I have several of her ideas stashed away but most of them will be better in a year or so.  I did find this bath time games that she might think are fun!

What fun things have your kiddos been doing lately?

Have a great day!




Weekend Wrap Up

Hey y’all.

I hope you had a good weekend.  I missed you all on Friday but I decided if I don’t have anything prepared to post or don’t have anything jazzy to mention that I shouldn’t bother you :).

I had a pretty good weekend.  Here are some of the highlights.



Baby Belle was acting all crazy with fro yo.  She is a big girl now and gets her own little bowl.  Mostly because I don’t want her stealing all of mine anymore 🙂

photo(1)Someone did a little baking in her own miniature kitchen.   My brother got her this and I left it in the box until Saturday.  She loved it!  I think next holiday I will only let her actually get new toys out of the box a week at a time so its like something fabulous every week.  🙂  She was excited to play with something new!


I went to my girlfriend Alanna’s for a girls night.  We had appetizers, including this fancy plate and brown sugar baked brie.  Alanna did all the fancy stuff.  I made a cream cheese sausage dip that was pretty lame compared to her set up.

photoIt was a ton of fun and we watched Girls Just Want To Have Fun, which I have never seen and it was pretty funny to make fun of it.  We also watched some episodes of The Hills which was drama filled and brought back some memories.

How was your weekend?

Until tomorrow!


Eats on my IPhone

Happy Thursday! 🙂

I was cleaning up the photos in my phone which is what I use for my primary camera and found a bunch of food pictures that I thought I would share!

photo(6)Baby Belle has been cooking up a lot of flour and sugar mixtures…YUM!

photo(7)Love these Chobani bites!  Love the Raspberry and Dark Chocolate flavor topped with these South Beach dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds!  Awesome snack!!!!!

photo(8)I have been eating frozen yogurt any chance I get.  Frozen Yogurt Day.  After BabyBelle gets a finger prick at her doctor appointment.  Bad day sister dates.

photo(9)This is a sad day when all I had at work was some old roasted cauliflower and eggs.  Um…not the best!

photo(10)Green juice.  I have been making these about 4 times a week for breakfast.  Basically a watered down protein smoothie with spinach.  I like them, they keep me full and they are easy.

photo(11)Mmmmm.  I made the family fajitas with mexican rice.  I opted to put all the goodies over spinach and it was delish!

photo(12)This was a failed attempt at a spaghetti squash pizza crust that I saw Stuft Mama make.  It didn’t taste the best.  I think I got frozen yogurt later that night 🙂

photo(13)This was the awesome spread that I made for Baby Belle’s birthday party.  Follow me on Pinterest folks….all the cupcakes were found there!

photo(14)Another Chobani bite flavor….to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The great thing is too is the four packs are usually like $2.99 at Target and Chobani has coupons!  Great deals and so yummy!



Hump Day Happenings


I can’t believe how on top of my blogging I have been since my almost month hiatus.  I just really struggle with being positive (no one wants to read Debbie Downer posts all the time) so when I am in a slump I take time off from here.  I am knocking on wood as we speak that I am in a good place with my healthy, parenting, wifeing, etc and I hope to bring you some happiness when you get on here.  🙂

Today I am bringing you some great posts that I have read recently.

I went to high school with Katie (we actually went to the same elementary school too!) and love reading her blog for decorating ideas and parenting tips.  She recently posted about parenting books that she recommends.  Now that Baby Belle is starting to “share her personality” as we call it 🙂 I am always asking for tips and advice so I am excited to check these books out soon!

My girlfriend Fonda sent me an email with a link to this blog post.  We shared some of our goals with each other at the beginning of the year so it was great to have her send this my way….when a lot of people (I know I am!) start losing sight of their goals and need a little reminder of WHY you had those goals in the first place.

I know we are already 5 days into March but I have been participating in the healthy SELF challenge since last month.  I don’t do everything on the exact day but I do fit everything in at some point.  I use the challenge as little reminders to do these things for myself.  It is all good!

I need to get all over meditation.  I am always overly anxious and worried and stressed and crazy and….the list goes on.  This blog post talks about how awesome meditation is and how I need to get all over it!  🙂

Have you read or written any awesome blog posts lately?  Share!

Have a good one!


Toddler Tuesday-Watercolor Crayons

Howdy y’all!

I love hobbies.  I love spending a lot of money on hobbies, do it for a short time, and then find something else to spend a lot of money on.  🙂  When I was in college I got into sewing, painting, soap making, beading….you name it, I spent hundreds of dollars on it.  I had a hard time throwing any of that stuff away because I spent so much money on it ya know.  I would always say, “Maybe one day my kid will want to sew, paint or make jewelry.”

Throughout the years I was able to sell or purge some of the crafting supplies I bought but I did save some things and luckily I found that I saved some watercolor crayons that I bought from the art department of a campus book store I worked at in college.  I don’t know the exact brand but they are similar to these.

I decided to let Baby Belle use these since clean up of acrylic paint is heavy duty.  Remember this day?

Here are some pictures of her painting with the water after she colored on the fancy watercolor paper that I had saved.  🙂

photophoto(1) photo(3)photo(4)It was fun and kept her occupied for a long time and the clean up was a cinch.  Her hands did get a bit pink when she resorted to finger painting but it wiped right off with water.  🙂

Have a great one!


Happy Birthday Baby Belle!


I can’t believe that 2 years have passed so quickly.  Today is officially Baby Belle’s birthday but yesterday we invited family over to celebrate with cupcakes.  Baby Belle is so loved and got so many new goodies!  It was a great day!

photoUntil Tomorrow (for real…..I am back!)