32 in 32

I do this all the time…set goals, get excited, and do some of them….but this is fun!  I just turned 32 and so now it is time to make the list of all the things I want to do in the next year.

1.  Do the Whole 30 challenge….and succeed.

2.  Pay off 4 of our credit card balances.

3.  Have a weekend to myself.  This might be a getaway….or might be a staycation.

4.  Take Stella on a Mama/Daughter getaway.

5.  Become a director in my Pure Romance business.

6.  Try SUP.

7.  Host a beer pairing dinner party.

8.  Read a book a month.

9.  Go to the Berry Patch with Stella, my sis and mama.

10.  Date night once a month with Kevin.

11.  Get this darn blog on track.

12.  Write down my blessings.

13.  Volunteer.

14.  Go to the dentist.  I haven’t been in a reeeallllly long time.  Like really long.

15.  Start a new career.

16.  Get caught up with picture books.

17.  Try 2 new to me fitness classes.

18.  Try new restaurants.  Kevin and I printed off a list over a year ago and haven’t gone to one in a long time.

19.  Go camping.

20.  Go on a beach vacation with Kevin and do a lot of drinking.  🙂

21. Participate in 3 crossfit competitions.

22.  Host a chopped dinner party with friends.

23.  Dig in my recipe vault and quit cooking the same old things.  I would like to try a new recipe once a week.

24.  Run 3 races.

25.  Take a spa day.

26.  Try juicing for at least 3 days.

27.  Meditate.

28.  Do something rad to my hair.  (I already did this….but I am counting it 🙂

29.  Organize my office and KEEP it that way.

30.  Sign Stella up for swimming classes.

31.  Take a cooking class.

32.  Do more educational things with Stella.



I may or may not get these all done but hopefully I will get lots of em done before June 21, 2015.

Anyone want to join me?



Toddler Tuesday-Stella Is A Really Good Cooker

Hey friends.

We have been having so so so much fun so far this Spring/Summer.  I haven’t taken the time to blog about it and I have a TON of pictures in my phone.  I thought I would share a fun little activity that Stella participated in last month.

I shop at Hy-Vee that is a few blocks from our house and noticed a sign for a kids cooking class with the dietitian.  I called Abbie to see if there was an age requirement and she encouraged us to participate.  It was only $5 so we signed up!

Stella was so excited when we got there.  There were several older kids already at the table and she ran right up to them and introduced herself and asked them their names.  Social butterfly.

photo (1)

Abbie had several recipes to make that didn’t include cooking at all.  She let the kids help in every aspect of the food prep.  I was surprised but she even let Stella help cut.

photo (2)I was really happy with the fact she did that.  Stella was so cute and said, “I am helping the teacher!”

All of the recipes would make great snacks for kids.  They all had semi-healthy ingredients (much healthier than candy that is for sure!) and letting the kids make their own snacks makes them more inclined to eat them.


photo (5)With my permission Stella ate everything even though Abbie offered to go boxes.  She really enjoyed getting to be a cooker.

We plan on going to another class next week.

Here is a link to one of the recipes that is similar to what we made:

Healthy Butterfiles


Have a happy day!