April Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Happy Tuesday y’all.

Another day of warmth and sunshine before we get showered with snow???? on Thursday.  Ugh.

Just poppin’ in to show you the fabulous package I got from Lisa this month.  She was a fabulous Texan Foodie Pen Pal!

photo(1)As you can see here I got a Bit-O-Honey bar which I gave to Kevin.  He went gaga over it when he saw it so I let him do the damage to his teeth 🙂

I got a great Chili Mix which I could use on Thursday since we are having our Iowa temps drop down to 30 something and are expecting snow….ugh!

Also included was some Texan Bison Jerky and Peanut brittle which I took with me to the Ledges picnic with the fam.  We all gnawed on a bit of jerky and crunched into the brittle.  It was enjoyed by all!  If you are jealous of this awesome package and want to get hooked up with a pen pal of your own go here!


So tomorrow I plan to get a little serious with some goals.  I think I am going to need your help so be sure to tune in.



Time Got Away From Me

Good golly guys!

I really need to work on my time management skills.  For someone who always has their planner in from of them and several ongoing to do lists….I have really been dropping the ball.  I had a fabulous jam packed weekend last weekend and have another jam packed weekend this coming weekend.  I mean really…I see no end in sight until Memorial Day weekend.  Most of the stuff is fun stuff but it is A LOT that I put on my plate!

So clearly I have slacked on posting obviously but things have been good.  I worked out 4 times last week which was my goal and walked away learning some new crossfit skills and feeling super strong.  Look at how bad assed and calloused my hands are 🙂


My eating hasn’t been stellar but I am okay with that.  I have indulged but haven’t gone overboard 🙂

Here is a little bit of what I have been eating lately:

photophoto(1) photo(2)by the way…Nutty Butter is good with celery 🙂

photo(3)Chobani and a homemade quinoa granola that I made.  Not sure if I am a big fan of the granola so I will do more testing with that and get back to you.

photo(8)photo(9)photo(10)We had some fun yet again this weekend at Ledges State Park.  I got a horrible sunburn but we had a blast.

photo(1)photo(5)photo(6)photo(7)So now I just need to work a little bit on time management so that I can get my head on straight.  🙂

Hang on tight with me folks 🙂


Toddler Tuesday-Paint Party

Hey y’all.

So this week i threw it out there that I was going to Primal 4 times or else!  Monday was a doozie!  Here was the WOD:

photo(2)Tina and I did do our heaviest back squat yet at 80 pounds I think…right Tina?

I really struggled with the WOD.  I started with 65 pounds and rocked out the dead lifts during the first round but as soon as I went to do my first hang power clean I knew I needed to go down in weight and I dropped to 55 pounds.  I struggled through it but I felt strong.  I forgot my time.  I was just glad I was done.

Some eats for the day:

photo(1)egg, sausage and salsa scramble for breakfast

photoSoup for lunch.  I received coupons for these Campbells Go soup by participating in smiley360.  They sent me a free one to try and I used some coupons for myself.  They are so good!  I didn’t eat the cracker with my soup because I used it later….

photo(4)More Nutty Butter.  I wonder if it would taste good with celery.  I am going to try it today.

And dinner.

photo(3)And a taco style broccoli mess that was again inspired by Stuft Mama’s recipe.  This was realllllly good.  🙂

And now for some toddler stuff.  My kid loves to paint.  My sister painted with her this weekend while I took MJ to the vet.  I also did find a couple pics that I took of Baby Belle painting her dress before the Glow Run.


See?  2 times in one weekend.  She loves it.  I really want to throw a Paint Party.  Kevin’s mom used to have fun little parties for him all the time when he was little.  I want to be that kind of mom.  Luckily now we have Pinterest so we can make the parties jazzy.  I made a board just for this party that I want to hold this summer.  I even have paint made out of dried veggies so that Baby Belle’s little friends will be able to come join the fun.  Go check out the board.  Then tell me you want to be invited with your kiddo 🙂

‘Til tomorrow.


Glow Run Re-cap


I will warn you now I have a lot of pictures in this post.  But most of them are embarrassing so they will be funny.  I participated in the Glow Run on Saturday night with my sis, my mama, and my sisters friends T-Pain and Tessa.  We had a blast.

I started out the day baking some goodies for our short decorating BBQ we had before the run.  I made chocolate chip cookies, Biscoff bars and rice krispy treats.  We needed to carb and sugar up before the event. 😉

photo(14)We all got shorts to decorate with puff paint and glitter.  I felt like I was in the 8th grade.  It was great.

photo(7)Baby Belle was to busy playing games on my i-phone to get her creative juices flowing.  She did eventually go nuts on a white tank dress I got her but like a crap mom I forgot to take a picture to show you.

photo(6)Don’t we look cool?

photo(4) photo(1)MJ is totally photo bombing.

photo(2)The place was packed.  There were 12,000 runners that night and about half of them were busy getting obnoxiously wasted before hand.  We got our glow sticks ready and I took some senior portraits.


And then we had a group photo taken in all the chaos.  It truly was scary there!

photo(9)We got in one of the first runs and got started on the long adventure.  It was like a crazy early 90’s swarm of neon.

photo(4)photo(5)But one of the jazziest parts was we all got medals.  Jackpot!

photoHave a happy Monday friends!

Did you do the Glow run?

How was your weekend?

Hip Hop Does A Body Good And I Am In Trouble

Hey y’all.

It is finally Friday and for once this week the sun was shining when I waltzed into work this morning.  So refreshing…now if only the temps would warm up a bit.

One thing I wanted to do with the blog was recap my workouts and meals with you but not really sure how to make that flow so bear with me during the process and  your advice and comments are always welcome.  I don’t want this blog to be a boring recap of my daily schedule.

I did go to Primal yesterday morning (one of the 2 times I went this week….so crappy!) and did a partner workout with Tina.  We did pretty good although I think we could have gone a little heavier on the weight.

WOD for Thursday April 18, 2013

Primal Partner WOD

5 Rounds for time of:

20 Box Jumps 24/20 (20/12)
–10 Overhead Squats 115/85 (85/55) (55/35)
–Deadlift Hold 245/185 (185/135) (135/75)
—–10 Deadlifts 245/185 (185/135 (135/75)
—–Barbell Hold (Overhead) 115/85 (85/55) (55/35)

-Working with a Partner. Box Jumps alternate between partners.
-Overheads are done while the other partner holds the deadlift weight (Reps must stop and will not count unless bar is held)
-Deadlifts are done while the other partner holds the squat weight overhead. (Reps must stop and will not count unless bar is held)

For some reason when I do a snatch squat or overhead squat I have a hard time squating down with weight over my head.  I have tried it with 35 lbs. and can barely squat down so I asked Tina if we could just try using the 15 lb. bar so I could practice my squating form.  Luckily she was cool with that.  We used 65 lbs. for the deadlifts and probably could have done a bit heavier but deadlifts weren’t her strong suit.

We finished in 9:44 and I thought that was pretty awesome. 

I had another Chobani and Uber bar yogurt parfait for breakfast but forgot to take a picture of it.  As always it was good.  I snacked on some blackberries later that morning before scarfing down the greasy leftovers from date night.  Definitely doesn’t look as appealing as it did under those dim lights.


It has been kind of stressful this week at work so when my co-worker made a pound cake I quickly helped myself.  It was delish.  I did limit myself to one piece though…I wanted about 4 more!

photo(7)Notice the lemon glaze she put on the top?  So good.

For dinner we had left overs.  I was going to hip hop class and my sister was staying at a friends.  I popped in some pizza for Baby Belle and Kevin and I made some roasted broccoli slaw and channeled my best Stuft Mama bowl topped with avocado and cold left over chicken strips I made for my sis and Baby Belle the night before.  It was pretty darn good.


Once Kevin got home we talked for a bit and then I headed to Kee’s Camp for hip hop class.  I almost didn’t go.  I was tired and crabby from work and just wanted to sit and watch tv but my girlfriend Mel got me to go and I am so glad I did.  60 minutes of dancing my worries away was just what I needed for an attitude adjustment.  Thanks Mel and thanks Jen Kees!!!!

And as far as being in BIG trouble….look what I got today!

photo(12)Have you ever tried this stuff?  Nutty Butter!  I got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Birthday Cake…so good!!!!  As soon as I ripped the package open I was dipping my finger in it!  This stuff is amazing.  I justified eating a ton of it by smothering it on a piece of fruit.

photo(6)That is the Birthday Cake…with sprinkles all up in it!  Soooo good.

photo(11)This could be a problem.

I have a pretty busy weekend so I will recap on Monday.

Have you tried Nutty Butter?

What are your weekend plans?


Date Night And The Perfect Threesome

Howdy y’all.

Good gravy.  I really wish the sun would come out!  If you live in Iowa you probably know what I mean.  😦

Yesterday was Kevin and my date night.  We do it on the 3rd Wednesday of every month because my sister is free to watch Baby Belle.  I planned to eat good and healthy all day so I could pig out on some creamy rich past at Centro.  Neither of us had been there before and we were pumped to try it out.  It is a super fancy place y’all!

I got to work and was famished…which was surprising because I didn’t work out yesterday.  I usually drink a protein shake at 6:00am right after crossfit and then I eat a late breakfast at work between 10:00-11:00.  When I walked into the office I immediately made  a breakfast sandwich with some bread and an egg we had here and the ham I brought as a snack.  My co-worker got this jalapeno cheddar bread at Hy-Vee and it was soooo good.


I ended up having something as a snack later but I don’t remember what because I didn’t take a picture of it….maybe the rest of my ham I think.

For lunch I had leftovers.  I had made a Velveeta box meal (similar to Hamburger Helper) the night before and I added some sauteed zuchinni and mushrooms to it to bulk it up since there wasn’t much left.  And please don’t get me started about the processed box of fake cheese product I fed my family.  I have really been slacking on the clean eating because I have been so unprepared with meal planning lately.  A confession post is coming on that soon.  But here is a pic, along side with some green beans.

photo(5)I don’t know what is going on with me.  I was starving yesterday afternoon…or wait….I was just really bored at work so I dived into the chips

photo(3)and then had my planned afternoon snack which was one of the new Chobani Flips!  My Hy-Vee finally got them in and I loooooooooove them!  I also tried the Almond Coco Loco which was also awesome!


So for date night.  We ran through the pouring rain to get to Centro and ended up sitting in the bar because they were so busy.  We ordered up an appetizer of onion rings because I was starving.  When it comes to appetizers Kevin doesn’t like adventures so onion rings is one of the few things we agree on.  They were okay.  Nothing spectacular.  I am a fan of the thin onion rings myself.  They came with a side of Chipolte Ketchup that was really tasty though.

IMAG0508For my meal I ended up getting this:

Chicken Saltimbocca chicken breasts, Marsala wine sauce, sage, LaQuercia prosciutto, mushrooms, mozzarella, fettuccine Alfredo  20.99

IMAG0509Sorry about the poor picture.  It was getting so dark and stormy and the whole place had really dim lights anyway.  This was really good.  It was rich and creamy and naughty.  I had filled up on so much bread and onion rings though that I didn’t even eat a third of it.  I had my heart set on getting fro-yo after so I saved room.

I didn’t take a picture of fro-yo but it was good and for the first time EVER I was too full to finish it.

And now for the threesome….that happened this morning.

photo(1)Chobani, NuNaturals vanilla and a nut roll Uber bar.  Oh…such a good breakfast!

photo(2)Do you have date nights?

Have you tried Chobani Flips?

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!



When Big Airplanes Wake Us Up

Hi Friends,

I did a bad thing.  I walked out to check my phone without even putting my glasses on…just kind of hoping that my work out buddy would have texted me saying she wasn’t going to crossfit this morning.  We had a rolling thunder storm and it was rainy….I just wanted to go back to bed.   Lucky me her kid was sick.  Unlucky Riley was puking and pooping all over the place.  (Get well soon little girl!!!)  I promptly went back to bed only to have Baby Belle start crying about 15 minutes later.

It is so funny when Baby Belle cries in the middle of the night.  She has slept all through the night ever since she was 4 months old.  Kevin and I cherish our sleep and so we promptly put a bedtime ritual into place that luckily she eased right into.  I wear ear plugs because I am a light sleeper and Kevin snores but if Baby Belle cries out in the night I usually hear her.  Kevin and I both tense up and wait…..and listen.  She usually goes right back to bed and it is no big deal.  I thought that is what she did when I heard her at 4:50 this morning and I went back to sleep.  Kevin woke me up at 5:30 as he was getting ready for work letting me know she had been in the bed talking and singing to herself the whole time.  So much for skipping my work out to sleep in :).

Baby Belle informed me that she kept hearing big airplanes.  I tried to tell her it was thunder.  But she insists it is big airplanes.  We live on the south side of Des Moines which is where the airport is located and we hear and see airplanes all the time.  She was wide awake and very curious about the rain so we spent a bit of time at the window.  When that got boring, we played school.

photo(7)Even before she was born I bought all sorts of eductional books and flash cards.  Finally she is old enough to put them to use.  She can name all of these shapes and most of the colors.  We learned what a semi-circle is folks.  She can clearly say semi-circle.  This kid is smart.  🙂

Then we colored and she helped me take this picture.

photo(6)She knows how to use my i-phone better than I do.  She asked to take this and I had no idea she knew how but she pushed the little camera icon and voila…my kid is smart and artsy.

So even though I am dragging a bit this morning…I liked having our loud airplane morning time.  I learned a lot!

Do your kids sleep through the night?

Can your kid navigate your smart phone better than you?

Until tomorrow folks!