32 in 32

I do this all the time…set goals, get excited, and do some of them….but this is fun!  I just turned 32 and so now it is time to make the list of all the things I want to do in the next year.

1.  Do the Whole 30 challenge….and succeed.

2.  Pay off 4 of our credit card balances.

3.  Have a weekend to myself.  This might be a getaway….or might be a staycation.

4.  Take Stella on a Mama/Daughter getaway.

5.  Become a director in my Pure Romance business.

6.  Try SUP.

7.  Host a beer pairing dinner party.

8.  Read a book a month.

9.  Go to the Berry Patch with Stella, my sis and mama.

10.  Date night once a month with Kevin.

11.  Get this darn blog on track.

12.  Write down my blessings.

13.  Volunteer.

14.  Go to the dentist.  I haven’t been in a reeeallllly long time.  Like really long.

15.  Start a new career.

16.  Get caught up with picture books.

17.  Try 2 new to me fitness classes.

18.  Try new restaurants.  Kevin and I printed off a list over a year ago and haven’t gone to one in a long time.

19.  Go camping.

20.  Go on a beach vacation with Kevin and do a lot of drinking.  🙂

21. Participate in 3 crossfit competitions.

22.  Host a chopped dinner party with friends.

23.  Dig in my recipe vault and quit cooking the same old things.  I would like to try a new recipe once a week.

24.  Run 3 races.

25.  Take a spa day.

26.  Try juicing for at least 3 days.

27.  Meditate.

28.  Do something rad to my hair.  (I already did this….but I am counting it 🙂

29.  Organize my office and KEEP it that way.

30.  Sign Stella up for swimming classes.

31.  Take a cooking class.

32.  Do more educational things with Stella.



I may or may not get these all done but hopefully I will get lots of em done before June 21, 2015.

Anyone want to join me?



One thought on “32 in 32

  1. I want to do this!!!!! Well at least some of this! The beer pairing thing, totally up my alley. The diet and excercise thing needs to happen NOW! Also…we have a camper 😉

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