Toddler Tuesday-Stella Is A Princess Ballerina

Hey friends!

Hope you enjoyed the collages yesterday.   I spent too much time putting them together but I thought they were pretty jazzy.

So my kid loves to dance.  A good friend of mine gave me some hand me downs from her daughter and when I went through the boxes we found several leotards.  Stella loves wearing them and prancing around the house.  She always loves to show her daddy “her moves”.

I came across an advertisement for a 4 day Princess camp at Brekke Dance Center which isn’t too far from our house I signed her up right away.  I really want to sign her up for dance but thought this would be a great way to see if she would truly enjoy it and pay attention.  I get that she is 3 but I could see her acting like a total lunatic.  I know dance is a huge financial and time investment so I wanted to make sure we would both enjoy it.

Last night was the first night and from what I can tell my kid will have a long dance career ahead of her!


I couldn’t upload a video here on the blog so go check out my facebook page and I will post it there!

The ballerina’s mama,



Catch Up With Collages

I am struggling to find motivation to post on here more than I am.

I found a pretty nifty app and thought I would post a little catch up in pictures.  Motivation enough I guess!

photo (1)

I participated in my first crossfit competition of the year.  My two peas in a pod partner and I have signed up for 2 more so far!

photo (3)

We spent the afternoon of the 4th of July splashing at the beach!  Stella had a blast.

photo (2)

Walking along the river downtown was a lot of fun!

photo (4)

The Color Run was a blast as always.  It was Stella’s first time and she even ran quite a bit!


I attempted to take Stella to the track to join my crossfit pals for a track WOD.  It didn’t work out.  :/


I will be back sooner than later.



Toddler Tuesday-The Next Picasso

Hey friends!

It is happening!  Stella is starting to draw people!  When my nephew started this his mom sent me pictures of his artwork.  It made us both giggle because it is so darn cute.

Here is a drawing that Stella drew of me last week:

photo (6)

Oh this is great!  Notice my big head, my huge eyes, my line smile and my teeny tiny arms coming out of the side of my head.  This is the best thing ever.  🙂

Have a happy day!