Hump Day Happenings

Hey y’all.

So glad we are at the hump of the week.  Hopefully tomorrow is smooth sailing and then on to Friday.  🙂  I am looking forward to a Friday night movie and pizza night for sure!

I have been reading some great blog posts today.  Go check these out.

This post goes right along with what Calee said to me when I blogged about my lack of commitment with challenges.  I just gotta stop restricting!  Also Girl Heroes has tons of great kettle bell workouts if that is your thing!

Just read this post from Protein and Pumps.  I totally need to be more present!

Happy Fit Mama posted a recipe for a delish soup.  Pretty soon it will be summer and we will be too hot for soup.  Get on this now!  Plus I need an excuse to go to Trader Joe’s.  Hello roasted corn….

Even though i am not doing Paleo 100% I am still making paleo meals and snacks.  These muffins look pretty darn tasty.  PaleOMG has great recipes by the way if you are ever looking!

And because I am a big Calee fan…I am loving her 3 sentence review on books she has read lately.  I am always looking for recommendations so this post was great!

Have you read any great blog posts or articles lately?

Have you read any good books lately?

Go make soup!



Toddler Tuesday-Soap Mud


Finally I am organized enough to have a Toddler Tuesday post today instead of a whine about how I suck post.  🙂  Yay!

I mentioned earlier that I had a snow day last week because I am too chicken to drive in snow.  I hopped on Pinterest and looked for an activity for Baby Belle.  I have a ton of stuff pinned but I had very few on hand ingredients.  No worries…I did have some toilet paper and I also had an old Bath and Body Works bar of soap that I have had since college…TADA!  Soap Mud!  I had pinned a pretty cool recipe that just uses those two ingredients on The Imagination Tree blog.

First I got Baby Belle and my sister busy tearing up toilet paper into teeny tiny bits.


While they did that I grated up a bar of stinky soap.  Then I mixed the soap shavings with the toilet paper.

photo(1) photoThen I poured hot water into a measuring cup.  We were to add the water and mash up the mixture until it combined into a cool messy mud.

photo(3)For some reason I forgot that my kid hates having anything yucky on her hands.  She touched this, gave me a dirty look, and then proceeded to give me a sponge bath with the hot water (don’t worry!  it had cooled down).

photo(2)I let her do it for a good 15 minutes while I happily played in the soapy mixture.  If Baby Belle would have been into it I would have added more toilet paper because it was just a soapy mess but since she was busy bathing me I didn’t worry about it.

photo(4)Oh soap mud!

Have a great day y’all!



Mama Approved

Hey y’all.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I did!!!  Had a couple Slumber Parties and spent some time with family.  Love weekends with the perfect combo of business and family time!  (P.S.  I am hoping to reach 300 Likes on my Slumber Parties facebook page so if you could help me out it would be great!)

So it has been awhile since I have done a Mama Approved post and I have a lot of great product that I have come across to share with you.  Get ready!  Hopefully you learn about something yummy you haven’t tried yourself.

photo(10)I used to love grape kool-aid when I was a kid.  I can drink this to satisfy my kool-aid craving and skip all the sugar.  Plus a zip of energy is a good thing!!

photo(11)I usually eat greek yogurt but my grocery store had these on sale and I had a coupon so I gave them a whirl.  Holy yum!  The light and airy consistency made me feel like I was eating a fancy dessert.  I took a picture of the cherry cheesecake but I like the vanilla best.


Back in December I was in Washington DC for work and all by my lonesome.  I found a Whole Foods while walking around a little neighborhood and went in for something to do.  I came across these tasty snacks.  Cruncha Ma-me make a great replacement for chips.  They were addictive and I wish I would have bought enough bags to put in my carry on to bring them back home.  I have to check and see if my Whole Foods has them!

photo(14)I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this granola yet.  Embarrassingly enough I bought it at the farmers market last summer.  This is so good and it is full of yummy protein.  I made many parfaits with banana, Chobani and a handful of O’Briens Own granola which is made here in Iowa!

photo(15)Orange Leaf.  Always and forever.  This is always approved!

photo(16)This is some of Baby Belle’s stash.  Sorry kiddo but mama found a new favorite!  🙂

photo(17)Another thing I found at the grocery store that I had a coupon for.  I ended up only spending $1 for this yummy soup.  Low fat and full of flavor.  I didn’t even have to add any salt!

Go check out these products!

Have a great day!


Have you tried any new products lately?