Catch Up With Collages

I am struggling to find motivation to post on here more than I am.

I found a pretty nifty app and thought I would post a little catch up in pictures.  Motivation enough I guess!

photo (1)

I participated in my first crossfit competition of the year.  My two peas in a pod partner and I have signed up for 2 more so far!

photo (3)

We spent the afternoon of the 4th of July splashing at the beach!  Stella had a blast.

photo (2)

Walking along the river downtown was a lot of fun!

photo (4)

The Color Run was a blast as always.  It was Stella’s first time and she even ran quite a bit!


I attempted to take Stella to the track to join my crossfit pals for a track WOD.  It didn’t work out.  :/


I will be back sooner than later.




One thought on “Catch Up With Collages

  1. I am so bummed to have missed the Color Run this year, I think Imy would have loved it. Next year!

    I started scheduling posts ahead of time. Makes it easier if I get a block of time to sit down once a week, write up some posts, schedule and sit back and let the magic happen. 🙂 We will see how well it works and ter week one, haha!

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