Toddler Tuesday-My Kid Screamed In Cinderella’s Face

Hey friends,

I had a great post planned today but the little slip of paper I had with all the information on it is somehow missing in my mess of a purse.  Instead I am going to tell you about the time that my little princess screamed in Cinderella’s face.  🙂

I contacted Storybook Adventures to set up having Cinderella come to our house to help Stella celebrate her 3rd birthday.  We do have a party for her with just family and she gets totally spoiled….so instead of gifts Kevin and I wanted to just create a magical memory for her!  Setting up the date was so easy and although the owner said that 3 was a little young we decided to give it a shot!

I took the whole day off and sent Stella to daycare in the morning so I could scrub the dog accident spots out of the carpet before Cinderella arrived.  My mom, stepmom, aunt and a friend and her daughter came too.  I thought having a few people over (including a two year old) would make Stella not so shy.  She loves seeing princesses but when they come to her and talk…she gets camera shy.  Take a look at the picture from this post…the one where she is creeping on the princesses 🙂

I picked Stella up and she quickly changed into a new dress my mom gave her for her birthday.  We waited by the window for our surprise to arrive.  She saw Cinderella walking up to the door and was so excited but as soon as Cinderella walked into the door she kind of froze up.  Princess Cinderella was flawless helping Stella become more comfortable.  Luckily her basket was filled with fun ribbon dancers that kept my little ballerina happy!



Cinderella magically came with music so luckily this kept Stella happy for the majority of our half hour!  Cinderella also had rags to so that Stella could clean just like Cinderella had to but that didn’t make my lovely princess very happy.  That is when she screamed in poor Cinderella’s face and started crying.  Back to the ribbon dancers and all was fine!  🙂


Before Cinderella left she gave Stella necklaces and a crown which Stella still wears around now.  She will exclaim, “Oh!  These are my bracelets (totally necklaces!) from Cinderella!”  It is pretty darn cute!

What a great experience for my little princess on her birthday!  And Stella still won’t clean the windows!  🙂


Storybook Adventures is a great local company!  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to create memories with their children!  They also do a lot of stuff around town and have giveaways on their facebook page!  Be sure to check them out!

Have a happy Tuesday y’all.



What I Learned Over The Weekend.

Just going straight to the list….

1.  I am a people pleaser….to the point of being a push over.  This really sucks.  I got myself into two binds because of this over the weekend and now I am spending today feeling guilty and crabby.  And I may have hurt a friends feelings.  

2.  My husband is really classy.  We went to a wine tasting and tour at Summerset Winery on Sunday.  It was a great afternoon and I forgot how fun day dates can be….especially when they involve wine.  We tried lots of wine but settled on buying a bottle of their Mostavo which was their version of a Moscato.  So yummy….


3.  I talk too much.  I need to work on being a better listener.

4.  I have very little motivation to stick with any type of healthy eating challenge I set for myself.  As soon as the weekend comes along….all those “I can do this!” feelings go out the window.

5.  I like blogging….or I like the idea of being a famous blogger I guess.  I need to get my crap together to make it happen…and learn to write better.  🙂

I hope y’all have a great week!