It Is My Birthday!

And according to me it has been my birthday all week.  I have been spoiled to the max and have enjoyed every evening of the week so far.

Monday I went out for fro-yo with my sis and Scranny.

Tuesday I had cake and was gifted two beautiful pieces of jewelry from my co-workers.  That evening my sis took me to get a pedicure.

Wednesday I had celebratory drinks with my pal Fonda.

Last night was date night with Panera and a movie.  Kev and I went to see This Is The End and it was pretty funny.

Tonight my mom is coming to town and we are going out for pizza and then doing….something.

Tomorrow my friend is having a bbq for her hubby and I.  His birthday is tomorrow.

Sunday I am lunching with ladies and my in-laws are taking us out for dinner.

Spoiled to the max and I have been enjoying every minute of it.

Too lazy (hey!  It is my birthday week) to blog.

See you Monday!


Any ideas for activities with my mom and sis (not 21) to do tonight?

What are you doing this weekend?


Weekend Wrap Up-Garage Games


Just so you know…it is my birthday week!  😉

I had a great weekend and hope you did too!

Saturday morning my workout buddy and I volunteered at the Garage Games that Primal set up.   I have watched competitions on ESPN but I have never been to a live event and I will tell you what…it was pretty darn motivating.

photoTina and I just helped switch the weights after each heat so we had a lot of down time to check out the competitors.

Here was where it all went down…bright and early before everyone started.

photo(6)Then everyone crowded around to hear and see a demo of the standards.

photo(5)photo(2)And then some action….

photo(3)photo(4)We had a rain break so Tina and I hit up the food line.  We got something different so we could share.  Deardorff Cattle Co. was there with burgers, chicken and roast beef options. 

photo(1)I bought a shirt from Unbroken but forgot to take a picture of how cool I look in it.  I will soon!  Tina also bought me a Junk headband as part of our challenge prize and part for my birthday.  I will try and post a picture later this week.

Pretty cool experience for sure.  Hopefully  next year I will be participating instead of watching!

Fathers Day=Amazing for me.  I got to spend time with both my dads, my father in law and my fabulous hubby!




Stuff To Do Or Try ASAP-4

Friday!  Woot Woot!

I hope you all have a great weekend planned.  I have a busy weekend and will hopefully have a working phone (my phone is on the fritz) to take pictures and share it with you.  It should be pretty jazzy!

So I have a bad habit of waking up bright and early around 4:15 in the morning for my workout and then coming home, showering and going back to sleep.  I never actually fully fall asleep but I rest my eyes, as my mother used to say when I was little.  It is stupid…I get out of bed when Baby Belle hollers and then I scramble to get her and myself out the door in time.  Luckily my sister is a great help and Baby Belle is always very cooperative (well for the most part!).

Today I didn’t go back to sleep.  I was bound and determined to leave Kevin and Baby Belle with a decent meal tonight as they are on their own and I had these to make.

photo(2)These are Coconut Creme Balls which were inspired by Courtney’s Coconut Creme Larabars.

I halved her recipe and added flax seed to the mix simply because I was milling around the cupboard and had a jar of it and thought…hey!  flax seed!

photo(1)I made balls because they were easy to roll up and I was in a rush!  I have been making lots of balls lately and I hope to share some more recipes with you next week!

And they are good….oh so good!

So what should I make next Friday (my birthday!!!!!)

Creamy Honey Lime Popsicles

Magic Carrot Cake Bars

and these are coming back to the list…Sweet Potato Brownies

Vote this weekend.  I will have to have votes in by Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!


Belly and Scalp Updates

Hi Friends,

I feel super fit today.  I feel skinny!  I like it.  I took some updated pictures and then went through my phone and found some older pictures.  I think I am making some great progress and I wanted to show off.

photo(2)photo(4)The one on top was taken January 1st.  The one on the bottom was last night.  I know that I am not standing the same but you can tell a difference!

And a shot of my pythons for good measure.

photoI couldn’t get the other front photos to load to show you the difference 😦

Now as far as my scalp…ugh…I complained that it was greasy after using my unpoo.  I work out a lot…for example Monday night I did this:

photo(6)Yup.  I am sweaty and about to die.

Tuesday morning about 9 hours later I did this:

photo(5)Sweaty and gross.

I started the whole unpoo experience with unwashed hair (it had been 2 days).

I had to wash it…but now I am starting over…maybe hoping with cleaner hair to have my transition not be so disgusting.  We will see. 🙂

So there you have it!



Toddler Tuesday-Vinegar and Baking Soda

Happy Tuesday!

I totally bailed on Toddler Tuesday last week so I am happy to announce we had a little project to share.  Baby Belle is getting fond of our “projects” as we call them 🙂

Of course I found this idea on Pinterest so be sure to check out my page for lots of fun Toddler Activities.

Unfortunately when I went to get the stuff for this project I didn’t have a lot on hand.  We went forward with what was at the house.  I set her up with some newspaper, a cake pan full of baking soda and a couple colors of vinegar.  Sadly I didn’t have any eyedroppers so I ended up using syringes that came with her meds.

photo(6)It took a while for her to figure out how to use the syringe….

photophoto(1)Then finally…she got it!

photo(2)photo(3)Pretty big deal.  She did get excited sometimes when the bubbles would form but mostly she liked squirting the colored vinegar.  Once all of the colors were used we mixed it up with a spoon.

photo(5)The creation kept fizzing so that kept it pretty fun for awhile.

photo(4)Easy and fun.  🙂

What projects have you been doing with your kiddos lately?



Weekend Wrap-up and Climb Iowa

Hey y’all.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had a pretty nice one…all starting off with some chill.  😉

Saturday I woke Baby Belle and I up bright and early to walk down to the farmers market.  I forgot to turn on my GPS to get the exact mileage but I would say it is about 2-2.5 miles.  It was a nice refreshing walk.  We were meeting my dad and stepmom and then some family friends who were camping out at Saylorville Lake for the weekend.

I didn’t take any pics at the farmers market but it was a fun time.  They had some musicians who specialized in kids music and Baby Belle had a blast.  Worst mother ever…I didn’t take any pictures 😦

My dad and stepmom took Baby Belle for me so my sister and I could attend a belay class at Climb Iowa.  I purchased a deal on Deal Chicken so that we basically paid half price for the intro class and all day pass, including gear rental.  We got on our jazzy shoes and waited in their waiting area for the class to start.

photo(8)photoThen we got in our class.  There were only two other guys in the class…recent 8th grade graduates who were talking about a recent break up with one of their girlfriends….tragic.  🙂  To be young again!

We learned how to knot, do the calls, etc.  It took about an hour for us to test out.

photo(1)photo(2)Once we passed we were on our own to climb.  It was pretty high up there…the scariest part was letting yourself come down after you got up there.

photo(3)Yeah..I took a picture basically up my nose so you could see what I meant….YIKES!

They had a rating system on the wall of easy to hard.  They had a whole bunch of different types of grips (not sure if that is the technical term or not!) and it was quite a workout!

photo(7)I made it to the top on 3 different paths.  I felt pretty bad ass but there is no way I could have done another.  My arms were spent.


We hit up Subway for lunch then my sister drove me out to the campground….again..horrible mama…I took no pictures.  It started raining shortly after I got there so we didn’t get to do too much.  I just snacked the whole time 😦  Whoops!

Sunday morning I woke up and ate a duck egg my friend Maria sent me home with that she got at the Farmers Market.  It was so rich and delish.

photo(6)Then I cleaned the house most of the day Sunday and made a batch of muffins, snack balls, and rice krispy treats!  🙂

How was your weekend?



I don’t know how much longer I can go with my Ke$ha shampoo.  My hair looks and feels disgusting!


I Feel Like Ke$ha



Thank goodness it is Friday everyone!  I had a last minute party cancellation tonight and I am excited to get to chill.  I need chill.  I am very much a planner and a doer and I have over done myself…

which is why I didn’t make those Coconut Creme Larabars I was supposed to make.

I was too busy working on a project with Baby Belle for her Daddy.

photo(10)Eating Culver’s custard was not our project…but we hit it up before we headed home.  I went to Primal and did awesome on my calorie tracking all week.  I deserved a treat.  🙂

What I did whip together this morning was this…

photo(9)Looks like pee…which is why I felt like Kesha.  Did you guys watch that documentary on MTV where she drinks her own pee?  It is weird but anyway.  This is not pee.  It is DIY honey shampoo that I found on Pinterest.  I got all the essential oils for it at Vitacost last week and they finally came in.  I had to make this right away.  Check out the recipe here.

I am a little worried because in the post you will notice it talks about a transition period.  I didn’t shower yesterday and I worked out both then and today.  My hair was pretty ick to begin with….we will see.  I suppose I will have greasy yucky hair for a bit until my scalp evens back out.  I will update you.  Here is how I look today.  I pulled it up because it felt so stringy.

photo(11)Have an awesome weekend y’all.