Pre-Wedding Goals

I was going to post my August goals but then thought better of it.  Why?

Well because hardly any of my July goals got touched.  I am not feeling very guilty about because you know what?  Planning a wedding is hard.  😦  I am so grateful to have friends and family to help me with tasks because there is no way I could do this alone!

So I have decided to plan some Pre-Wedding goals and I know I can stick to these!

1.  Have fun with Baby Belle.  She is at a really fun age!  I don’t want to miss a minute of it….except for the tantrums, which usually involve her spitting on herself.  😦  Any moms out there have any advice on that?  I don’t get it!

2.  I am going to continue working out because I want people to have to buy tickets to my wedding gun show but I am not counting calories.  After doing the Fitmixer boot camp I have really learned to just love my body more.  I love my kangaroo pouch and tiger stripes.  I love my bad ass arms.  I love my toned legs that look ultra sexy in my wedding shoes.  I am going to enjoy what I eat and not feel a bit of guilt when I eat this:

or this:

Recipes for both to come.  I will have recipes on my recipe page very soon.

So that is it (I totally just typed eat).  I am going to attempt to enjoy the last minute wedding plans, expenses and jitters as much as I can.  I am going to enjoy my wedding with all of my friends, family and most importantly new husband.  I am going to enjoy a week of vacation with Kev, napping, laughing, sexing, and exploring.

Then I will re-evaluate my goals and push harder.

Have a great weekend y’all.



And PS to Kevin….I LOVE YOU!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Goals

  1. Congrats on your wedding, enjoy it! No tips on the tantrums… they’ve only gotten worst so far… I’m hoping 3 is better! 🙂

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