Hey all!

I forgot to tell you that I was shipped off to Washington DC for work last week.  Classes Monday-Friday for 8 hours a day…I haven’t done that since high school 🙂

It was a long and lonely week and with the Sandy Hook shootings on Friday I have just had a hard time getting back on track with real life.  Anything lately can send me into a quiet sob and I just feel drained.

I am taking some recharging time.  I need my game face on for all of the traveling we have to do with Baby Belle who whines constantly during any car ride :(.  I want my family time to be a happy time.

I promise I will be back after Christmas.

Take care, stay safe, and hug the ones you love.





One Word Thursday

This is supposed to be One Word Wednesday started by Linsday.  I love the idea so I am stealing it and using it on Thursday even though the title doesn’t sound as nice.  Enjoy.










Have a great day everyone!

Tomorrow is Friday!!!



Hump Day Happenings

Happy Hump Day Friends.

Since switching to Google+ to read many of my blogs I have been really behind.  I only have a select few that come directly to my email daily.  While it is nice to have my email less clogged….I often forget to get on Google and read through them :(.

Not sure why I am pouting to you all about that but anyhoo…here is what I have been reading about lately.

1.  Since joining crossfit I have been tinkering around with Paleo eating.  I know I could never go full force but I like to experiment.  I would especially like to experiment with these Paleo Snickerdoodle Cake Cookies that Danielle made at Clean Food Creative Fitness.  YUM!

2.  I have been struggling with my kangaroo pouch ever since I gave birth to Baby Belle.  While I am coming to terms with my tiger stripes and how I will always have my mama pooch…I can still continue to dream that I will someday have tight sexy abs.  I just need to keep in mind that abs start in the kitchenProtein and Pumps is a new blog I just found and I love it so far!

3. I am all about celebrating the holidays on a budget.  I love this idea from Tina for a cheap gift with cheap ideas!  I procrastinated for having it ready this year for Kevin and I but I am using it as a gift to give to someone so they will be set for next year!

4. Sometimes I walk away from a workout at Primal thinking I haven’t worked long enough or I didn’t sweat enough and feel a little down.  Love how Clare approached these issues in her post earlier this week.  Totally made me feel like I made the right decision with my crossfit plans!

5.  And because I have been all sappy and ooey gooey this holiday season (hormones anyone???) I wanted to share this really cool idea from Not Just Cute.  This gets my wheels turning for so many other things!

What have you discovered lately in blog land?

What are your ideas for giving back this holiday season?

Take care!




Toddler Tuesday-Christmas Ornaments



Hi everyone!

Here is another installment of Toddler Tuesday for ya!  Baby Belle and I invited some friends to come over and make Christmas ornaments with us.  We had such a great time!  I found the recipe for gingerbread ornaments while reading Mommy, run fast! and it was awesome for little ones because if some got in the mouth it would be no big deal.

Tina brought her little ones Riley and Cullen over!  They had a blast…especially Cooker Riley 🙂



Baby Belle wasn’t quite as thrilled with the dough as the other kids.


We kept things simple by using cookie cutters we had at home for the shapes.


And wooden skewers to poke the holes for the string to go through.  Easy Cheesy.


Crazily enough Baby Belle loved painting them.  I had acrylic paint and glitter glue to decorate and she went nuts making a crazy mess!  She even had paint all over her belly which caused her to freak out just last week.  She only freaked out this time when I told her it was time to take a bath!


I completely forgot to take a picture of our finished ornaments but I will soon and show you.  We had a blast!

What type of Holiday traditions do you do?

Is your Christmas tree up?



My Social Weekend

Happy Monday y’all!

I had a great weekend and I hope you did too!  It was so nice to have the warmer weather creep back in….even though it was kind of gray.  I will take it!  🙂

I had a pretty busy weekend and it started with some wine.

photo(2)Oh…and a canvas and some paint.  My friend Lois and I went to The Social Canvas in Waukee and it was a blast!

photo(9)The Social Canvas has only been open for a couple of months and it is a genius concept I have never heard of before.  Pay a fee and learn how to make one of the jazzy creations shown with step by step instructions….with booze.  They have a bar with wine and beer!  So cool!

photo(5)I was a little worried about producing a decent piece of artwork but the instructor made it really easy to follow along.

photo(6)There she is showing us how to mix colors to come up with the correct shade.  You can see to the right the picture we were duplicating.  I decided to be extra jazzy and did my own color scheme.

photo(1)Pretty jazzy huh?  Lois and I paid for our admission to The Social Canvas, they don’t even know who I am.  I just had such an awesome time that I had to spread the word about this cool business.  Check out their site, you need to go to their calendar to see what painting they are doing that night and then sign up to reserve your spot.  There are some pretty popular pieces that I noticed were already sold out so don’t delay.  This would make an awesome Christmas gift as well….hint hint ;).


Baby Belle was pretty busy too.  She had a date with her Grandpa.

photo(8)It was in the 60’s yesterday so we went to the park and met my dad for a playdate.  It was a pretty good time.

photo(4)Baby Belle loves the slide.  She will go down the big kid one all by herself.  She is pretty cool.

photo(3)photoWhat were your weekend highlights?

Have you ever taken a painting class before?

Make it a great day!