Nothing like taking a year hiatus and then popping back in to say hi.  Here is what is going on in my world currently.

Current Music:  I am a little obsessed with Sia right now.  After seeing Kristen Wiig dancing to Chandelier….I can’t stop.  If you haven’t seen it…go do it now.  It makes me weirdly emotional for some reason.

Current Indulgence: Too much Classic Frozen Custard.  If you are a Des Moines local and have never been here…hit me up.  I am happy to show you the ropes.  I am really digging the cookies and cream custard (huges chunks of oreos I have ever seen!) with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups on top.

Current Drink:  Water.  So many bathroom trips.  My co-worker gave me this awesome cup and I chug-a-lug all day.


Current Food: Grilled __________.  I’ve gotten pretty good at manning the grill and am ready to expand to some new things.  Anyone want to get me this cookbook?  🙂

Current Guilty Pleasure:  Letting Stella do her own make up and pick her own outfits.  It is awesome!

photo (1)

photo (2)

Current Reads: Business and Pleasure

photo (3)

I think after this Jodi Picoult book I have read everything of hers….this one is going very slow for me but it is still really good.

I passed my ACE personal trainer certification early this year and am specializing in pre and post natal fitness.  My next course of action is the nutrition aspect.  I need to get this read ASAP.

Current Need:  A good family calendar app.  My hubby and I are testing some out before taking the plunge and paying for the yearly fee but it is hard to get a good feel for them and we are still out of whack.  With me adding classes, clients and Stella’s activities to the mix I need to get myself together and keep Kevin in the loop as much as possible.  Any suggestions?

Current Want:  I want you to like my new Full Circle Fitness business facebook page.  It is full of all sorts of good stuff.

Thanks for sticking with my little blog here!

What are your currents?  Share in the comments below.

See you all soon!

Shaunna 🙂


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