Day 1 Complete

Hey friends.  I did it.  Day 1 is done.

It wasn’t hard but it sure was easy to complain about it anyway.  Isn’t it funny that when you deprive yourself of certain things that it seems to be the only thing you need to satisfy a craving.  Yesterday…it was cheese.  I would have chopped off my pinky finger for a string cheese.  But I didn’t.


So lets start with the workout yesterday.  Primal always posts the WOD the night before on their facebook page.



Warm up: 4 minute
Jump rope Tabata (DU/single)

Strength: 1 RM push press (5-5-2-2-1-1-1-1) I started with the 35# bar and ended the last rep with 55#.  My 1 rep max is 60# but I hardly worked out last week and wasn’t feeling it after coming back.

WOD: 12 minutes AMRAP I did 4 rounds and 11 box jumps.  I really struggled with the pull ups.  Even with the band I only did 5 in a row the first round and then had to break it down.  I NEED TO TRY HARDER!
8 ab mat
12 box jump
15 kb swings
5 chest to bar

And here is all my food:

Post WOD:

photo (8)


This was my failed attempt at a protein pancake.  I just ended up scrambling it and topping it with almond butter.  The scramble consisted of one banana, two eggs, about 2 tbsp almond meal and some hemp protein powder.  I had coffee with a bit of coconut milk in it.  Not the best…thinking I may give up coffee too but not sure yet.


photo (7)Cold chicken thigh and a green pepper.


Snack: I ended up having this about an hour before my lunch.  I am a snacker and trying to cut it out but it is mostly out of bored habit.

photo (6)


Just a small amount of nuts and dried fruit.  I checked the label for added sugar and was good to go.  All the while I am chugging water….trying to drink a gallon a day.  Mostly just because Janetha does it and I think she is cool.  Plus I know I don’t get enough as it is and it is a fun game to play with myself.


photo (14)Green beans and a scramble made with spaghetti squash, mushrooms, onions, chicken and salsa verde.  I bought avocado to get some healthy fats in but it wasn’t ripe enough and it was still too hard.

Afternoon snack:

photo (9)A pretty small apple and just one Nick Stick.  I loved Slim Jims….and I am sure the folks at Wallace Farms are cringing as I admit that.  Nick Sticks are an AWESOME alternative and aren’t filled with what I am sure is pretty disgusting stuff.  I will never again “Snap into a Slim Jim!”



photo (10)This was disgusting.  My pork chop was a bit on the dry side.  My 1/2 sweet potato was good and covered in coconut oil and cinnamon.  That sorry salad was mostly thrown in the garbage.  Chopped lettuce, cabbage and kale topped with roasted balsamic veggies and then covered in Franks Hot Sauce.  Inventive?  Yes . Tasty?  Hell no!

Night Snack:

photo (13)I needed something sweet.  I had raspberries, coconut flakes, almond slices and chia seeds with a bit of unsweetened almond milk.  Washed it down with tea with a bit of coconut oil and coconut milk.

So that is it….I did pretty well.  Just hope that in the coming days I can prepare a bit better.  I don’t want to get stuck with another weird salad that I can’t eat.  🙂

And now….here are some BEFORE pictures.  A bit blurry and hilarious but they will be helpful in seeing any possible results.

photo (11)photo (5)photo (12)photo (2)You know this pose right?  The Egyptian.

photo (3)And the classic Arnold….I look just like him right?

Friends_Arnold17Have a good day y’all.











Whole 30-I Am Obsessing About It

Happy Monday y’all….and Happy Whole 30 day 1.

It will be easier to recap each day after the day is over so I will let you know all about Day 1 tomorrow.

If you want to be in the know with every. single. thing. I. eat…..head over to my FB page.  I am literally planning on posting a pic of everything I eat…including over the weekend when I am traveling and will most likely not have access to post recaps.

Please check it out and keep me in line.  Your likes and comments there help me.


By the way…..

We had our half way point measurements done for our Primal challenge.  I totally lost 6 pounds and 6% body fat!  EEEEEEK!  So excited 🙂


There Is A Cuss Word In This Post

So that you know that I mean business. 🙂


I have been just practicing the power of saying no to things.  One of them has been on blogging too.  I know I asked you if you were getting bored with my posts in one of my last entries.  The truth is…I was getting bored with it.  So I just told myself to hold off until I had something interesting to even tell you about.

Well starting on Monday I will….

photo (1)


I am giving the Whole 30 program another go.  And I promise that I will last longer than 11 days….because that is all I lasted in January.

I will post almost daily my meals and how I feel…

So get ready.