Stuff to do or try ASAP-2 but technically 3

Hey y’all and Happy Friday!

So I did it!  I posted every day this week!  It has been awhile since I have been organized enough to do that so I am pretty pumped.  I also got my “Stuff to do or try ASAP” pick all baked up before today so I could share it with you on time.

Just in case you want to look back….

Stuff to do or try ASAP-1

Stuff to do or try ASAP-2 (didn’t title it this way because I was behind)

So I only had 1 vote and it was for these bars!

photo(5)OMG!  So good!  I could have eaten the whole pan but I settled for 2.  Maybe I can eat the rest of the pan tonight for a snack?  🙂  Maybe I will take another picture of myself making this stupid face….

photo(6)Thanks for being my only voter Kristin!

Now lets get some votes for next week.  What should I do?

Homemade Coconut Creme Larabars

Sweet Potato Brownies

I am putting this up as an option again….Super Power Chia Bread

Vote either in the comments below or on my facebook page.

Have a great weekend y’all!






Currently I am running out of actual things to tell you about so I am stealing this idea from several other blogs and passing it off as a post 🙂

Current Book:  I am reading 3 books right now.  I don’t normally do this but I am!  Not sure how well it is going to work out.

I have this book for at work when I am bored.


I read Slim For Life at night before bed.

I am slowly soaking in The Sacred Romance when I have quiet moments by myself.  This is taking me forever but I am marking it up and rereading it so much so I can take it all in.

Current Music:  I just listen to whatever.  I currently added Spice Girls to my Pandora though.  That is fun!

Current Guilty Pleasure:  These bars.  Can’t stop eating them!


Current Nail Color:  Is it still the trend to do your 4th finger a different color or am I behind the times?


Current Drinks:  OH GOODNESS!  These new drink mixers from Wild Tree.  Organic, Natural and 35 calories or less per serving!  Pour me a drink!  Anyone who hosts a June tasting can get one of these for free as a bonus from me!


Current Food:  I can tell you what I haven’t eaten yet this week….fro yo!  I have been trying to be good since I have realized I am stuck in a major weight loss plateau.  😦

Current Show:  Kevin and I are big fans of Masterchef and I am so excited about the new season!

Current Wish List: I really want the Up bracelet by Jawbone!  Sooooo want!!!!

Current Needs: Just like Tina mentioned in her Currently post….I need a hair cut!  BAD!

Current Blessing: Just getting to watch Baby Belle learn and grow.  She is really starting to get a personality and I can tell already she is going to be a little jokester.  She just says words weird and when I say what she says, “celery” because it cracks her and I up.  She is a ham!


Current Outfit: I am forcing summer with my wardrobe.  It has been rainy and kind of cold at times but I am still sporting tanks and dresses.  Not sure why I am making this face.  Obviously I don’t do a lot of selfies.  Like my work head set?  HA!


Current Excitement:  My workout buddy and I are in the works of a generous little game plan to support each other in getting back on track.  I am excited and will share once we finalize the details 🙂

So that is it….what about you?  Comment with some of your currents.


Toddler Tuesday-Moonsand and Protein Bars


We had a rainy, wet, and fun Memorial Day weekend.  We got a lot of laundry done and some yard projects done but nothing worth posting pictures about.  I did try out this weird breakfast combo though.

photo(8)Yeah!  My normal breakfast scramble which has potato or frozen hash brown, avocado, fried egg and then I topped it off with some greens.  Breakfast salad!  Yum.  It seemed weird but I really liked it!

So lets talk moon sand.

My sister got a job during the summer and doesn’t get home until about 6:15.  I had been spoiled with having my sister home to help me wrangle up Baby Belle while I cook dinner.  For some reason dinner time is when Baby Belle wants to be best friends with her mama :).

I was cooking….Baby Belle was wild and so I took 5 minutes to have her help me whip up this easy peasy recipe for Moon Sand.  I pinned this on Pinterest and there was no source but there are lots of recipes out there.

I had a sample size bottle of baby oil which equaled 1/2 cup and added 4 cups of flour to the bowl.

photo(10)photoWe mixed with a fork and then went wild mixing with our hands.

photo(1)photo(9)And then I put it in a pan with some of her little dishes and she played until dinner!  It was really awesome!

photo(2)photo(3)photo(4)I ended up putting it in a container with a lid so we can break it out again if needed.  I am not sure how long it will last but it was easy enough to make.  I have seen some posts use food coloring to make it fun colors too so that is something we will do when we have more time.

Not only did Baby Belle love the moon sand but she also loved some protein bars I whipped up that I had saved to my Stuff to do or try ASAP list.

photo(7)I had one vote for these and I am so glad that I made them.

photo(5)Jess at Blonde Ponytail made up this recipe and I followed it exactly except I only made a half a batch (sadly!) and I added some Hemp Hearts to the top because they were something new I bought and I wanted to try them!  They added a great crunch!  I ate the whole batch over the weekend and loved them.  They tasted like the inside of a Reece’s Peanut Butter cup.  YUM!  I am making a full batch tonight to last me through the rest of the week!  🙂

So now vote for this Fridays pick!  🙂

Super Power Chia Bread

Sweet and Salty Gluten Free Granola that Tina from CNC posted on Health

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Berry Crumb Bars that was a Friday Favorite on Iowa Girl Eats.

Have a great day y’all.


Workout Fashion

Hey y’all.

Tomorrow is Friday and the beginning of a long weekend!  So excited!

I skipped Primal today…I am still sore from my walking lunges Monday and I was just pooped.  Hope to take my running buddy for a little jog later tonight.  🙂

So lets talk workout fashion.  I have no cool workout clothes.  I have a few pairs of capri’s, a pair of yoga pants and a pair of compression pants.  I have a couple old t-shirts but normally I wear whatever shirt I went to bed in.  I have 4 crusty sports bras (I have to wear 2 at a time) that I grossly wear over and over until they are too stinky.

If I had endless amounts of money and closet space….this is what I would buy for my workouts!  These are all located at

1.  This great top from Economy Grocery

2.  Lots of cute stuff at Ruffles With Love

Perfection is Perception Racerback

3.  Love this purple color!  Valiant Vixen Clothing has a lot of options.

Purple Tri Blend Tank

4.  Hilarious…from Little Shop of Joy

Long tank top Mama said knock you out

4.  Simple and awesome!  Found at Lean Ladies

One More Rep Tank

5.  This is perfect.  Buy me this at Starting Lineup Tees

Look Like a Fox Tank

6.  Love the racer back style.  Found at Vivid Ink

Train Insane  Racerback Flowy Tank

7.  Love!  I love everything at Living Proof Gear

Crossfit Kill It Burnout Racerback Tank, White, SMALL

8.  Sassy!  Found at Sunset Designs

No I Got These Arms From Applying Lip Gloss All Day Gym Tank Top Racerback You Choose Colors

9.  Love the ombre!  These are sold at Wicked Stitch.

Strong Is The New Skinny Ombre pink tank

10.  HA!  Buy this one at Signature Tshirts.

I Clean, Jerk & I Have a Nice SNATCH Kettlebell Womens Tank top Racer back Burnout crossfit NEON pink

It is my birthday on June 21.  Just sayin’.  🙂

What do you wear when you work out?

Where do you shop for your work out clothes?


Push And A Winner!


First off I need to apologize for not announcing the winner of the WildTree bread mix!  The winner is Brittany!  I will be sending that out to you shortly so be watching the mail!

Also…I completely forgot to make my Stuff to do or try ASAP.  I will just have to post it this Friday.  No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars for the win!

And…I wanted to update you on my work out schedule.  I have gone every day this week and I am totally proud of myself…however…I am realizing that I am not pushing.  I get into my own head too much and bug myself out.  While on the drive to Primal I tell myself, “Don’t rest until your arms/legs truly fail you.  If you do rest just count to 5 and get back at it!”.

I never do that.  I will do 3 pull ups (with bands) in a row and rest…because I tell myself I can’t do a 4th…and I totally could I bet!  I take the weight off the bar telling myself I can’t do it with the extra 10 pounds…without even failing…I just tell myself I will fail so take the weight off….and then I feel like a LOSER!!!!!

So I need to push.  I got my journal back out.

photo(4)This is a journal I customized myself from Journal Menu.  See those goals on there?  I made those goals for myself.

Finish Strong

Eat Clean

Get Huge Guns

Be Confident

Work Out 4 Days a Week

I am not confident and I am not always finishing strong!  I have got to get out of my head.  So starting today(see..I am not even waiting for a Monday!)…I am tracking my WOD’s in here.  Hopefully me seeing progress will help me push even harder.

Here are some pictures of the inside of my journal.

photoHere is where you can track your daily WOD as well as rate your sleep and nutrition.

photo(2)It has a great guide of many of the Olympic weight lifting moves.

photo(3)A spot to track your personal records!

photo(5)A spot to track your progress on The Girls and The Heroes.

It is a great guide but obviously you have to USE IT!  Hopefully tracking this will help me push a little harder.

Do you write down your workouts or keep track of your progress?


P.S.  I paid for my journal at Journal Menu!  I just love the book and wanted to share 🙂

Toddler Tuesday-Sneaking Veggies

Hey y’all.
I have been keeping the family and I super busy lately and haven’t had time to do anything particularly special with Baby Belle as far as activities are concerned.  We did take her to the Valley Junction Farmers Market last Thursday for Family Fun Night.  She spotted these two princess and darted for them immediately.

photo(5)Notice the leash 🙂  The princesses were so sweet to her and talked to her for a few minutes and then obliged when I asked if they would pose with her.  She then got all weird about it 😦

photo(6)She looks terrified.  The princesses were from Storybook Adventures and I hope to book a party with them soon.  I know she would have a blast with them.

So for Toddler Tuesday I am going to talk about sneaking veggies in Baby Belle’s diet.  She is pretty good about eating fruit….she loves fruit but with veggies she is a little more picky.  She will eat carrot sticks and cucumber once in a while but she would prefer something on the sweeter side 🙂

Now one veggie she does love is tomatoes.  Remember last year with our tomato jungle?  She also loves noodles.

photo(7)See where I am going with this…spaghetti!!!!

Now when I attempted to do Whole 30 I learned to read labels a bit better and discovered that for some reason spaghetti sauce had pretty high sugar content.  I even made the mistake of buying a “no added sugar” can to see there still was sugar in there.  Why?  I don’t get that?

I made a HUGE vat of spaghetti sauce this past Saturday and snuck in some veggies to add a kick of nutrients.  No one will ever know…until they read the post (right Kev?).

Now keep in mind when I give you this recipe I made this in bulk.  You obviously could do a single serving if you wanted to.  We just needed something quick and easy for nights we get busy.


Bulk Sugar Free Spaghetti Sauce With Sneaky Veggies!

Made 8 servings that will feed 4 and give you leftovers

5 pounds italian sausage

7-28 oz cans of crushed tomatoes

3-14 oz cans of diced tomatoes

3 chopped onions

2 tablespoons diced garlic (I use the kind in the jar and I love love garlic)

1 jar of roasted red pepper (or roast some yourself, how to here)

whatever amount of sneaky veggies you want-I had 4 cups of assorted shredded squash that I had froze previously

7 tablespoons Wild Tree spaghetti blend


1.  Brown the sausage until completely cooked.  I didn’t take any pictures of this so hopefully you know how to brown sausage.  Then drain it and add it back into the pan, putting heat on low.

2.  Add chopped onions and garlic and cook until soft.

3.  Add all cans of crushed and diced tomatoes.

4.  Add spaghetti blend and stir thoroughly.


5.  While sauce is simmering I then took my frozen squash which I prepped earlier.   You see…I had some squash dying in my fridge and hated to waste it.  I simply shredded it, squeezed out as much liquid as I could and stored it in the freezer.

photo(4)photo(2)Easy.  I meant to post about this separately but no time better than now.  You could use the frozen squash for recipes like this, making baby food or for breads…lots of options.

So I cooked that up and dumped in a random jar of roasted red peppers in a saucepan and let it cook until it was thawed out completely.

photo(3)6.  Blend it all up and mix it in the simmering sauce.

photoIt didn’t amount to much and would have been better used for a single serving (1/2 pound sausage, and a can each of crushed and diced) but it made do and will add an extra bit of veggies for the fam and will make no difference in flavor!

Easy peasy!

Do you sneak veggies in your meals?


🙂  I did want to mention that my prayers and thoughts are going out to those in Oklahoma as well as to The Shepard family who are still searching for Kathlynn.  I am not dealing with my emotions well at all today so I can’t bear to type something up about either topics.