What I Know

Hey y’all.

We just had a winter storm yesterday and my boss was kind enough to let me stay home since he knows I am scared to death in driving in any type of winter weather.  Locals: How was your winter day?

I was busy the last few days and with the snow day I had I have fit in more things than normal in my schedule….and you know what?

photo(5)I know I have been drinking a lot of Emergen-C lately because Kevin has had a cold.  He seems miserable and I don’t want it!

photo(6)I know Baby Belle loves helping me make cookies.  I can’t figure out why!  I made a half patch of peanut butter cookies yesterday and they are gone already!

photo(3)I know my kiddo is pretty cute!

photo(7)I know that even if giving me a sponge bath in the middle of the kitchen floor is entertaining my kid for 20 minutes….I will let her do it!

photo(4)I know even if you are using awesome ingredients, like Chobani Champions…your cookies still might fail!  I gotta keep working on this!  Just mad I wasted a container of yogurt!  😦

photo(8)I know this Cheesy Taco Soup was a hit with Baby Belle.  No dinner dilemma for us Tuesday night!

photo(9)I know that when Iowa Girl Eats posts pictures on her blog she remembers to take out the magnetic glasses and bobby pins out of the background.  But seriously….awesome soup!

Did you get lots of snow yesterday? 

Have you had any recipe fails lately?

Tomorrow is Friday y’all!



I Am Still Here

Hey all.

I have been so sporadic with this blog.  Whoops!  I am still here….just nothing worthy of posting.  Just relaxing and reflecting.

photo(2)Baby Belle has been learning and growing so much the last few weeks that I am taking my time absorbing her awesomeness.  I am also trying to get into a routine with my health and fitness so I can reach my goals and not put too much “I am failing” pressure on myself.  I have a pretty good idea of where I am going and hope to report to you my plan of action soon.

For now just read some of this awesomeness from Lindsay.  She is truly a powerful writer.  She is one of the creators of Blend and I am so jealous that I can’t afford to go.  Anyone want to loan me a few hundred dollars?  🙂  Seriously.  I will love you forever!!!!

Also I found this article on parenting habits pretty cool.  🙂

Have a happy day y’all!

Do you think you have any bad parenting habits?

I find that I whine at Stella when she gets whiny which is totally horrible!  😦

Bloggers?  Do you have any retreats or conferences that you love going to?



Hey y’all.

I am feeling so grateful for all of the comments on yesterdays post.  I was in such a funk when I typed that and I literally teared up reading your lovely responses.

Thanks for your support!  I know what I need to do to be healthy and for the most part I am.  I need to focus on the health aspect of it instead of the weight loss aspect and I will (and can!) see the positive progress I have made in my life!

So despite living up to any of the challenges I have signed up for and fizzled on…I basically rock!

Thanks for reading and putting a smile on my face.

You rock too!


Fear of Commitment

Happy Tuesday y’all.  I interrupt this normal Toddler Tuesday for a mind vomit post.

I have been super busy the last few days so I apologize for skipping a few days in posting.  I had a great long weekend and am ready to confess to you all about my fear of commitment when it comes to healthy challenges.

Ugh…. I totally suck when it comes to staying committed to ANY fitness/nutrition/health challenge.  I get so excited about starting them but regardless of my progress (good or bad) I seem to fizzle before I go the entire way.

Here are a few examples of my fizzling:

1.  Remember my first post ever when I mentioned the Fitmixer boot camp.  I started strong counting my calories, checking in weekly, joining the chats and loving the workouts but by the end of the boot camp I was fizzled out, eating whatever I wanted and not calculating calories and doing a couple of workouts a week instead of my normal 5.

2.  Remember my bucket list that I barely looked at after I announced it?

3.  Don’t even get me started on my 30 in 30.  Ugh….

4.  I don’t think I lasted a month when I thought I was going to start Weight Watchers again.

5.  Turkey Day challenge was horrendous.  I totally sucked.

6.  And most recently I attempted the Whole30 challenge and lasting a whooping 11 days!

7.  Guess who isn’t renewing her Crossfit Primal membership???

It is really annoying that my willpower is at level zilch when it comes to challenges.  I just need to get in the habit of eating healthy most of the time and really pushing myself to work out.

Sorry this seems so venty.  I didn’t mean it to be.  I promise good things to come.

How do you do at challenges?

How do you track or organize your workouts and meals?

Dinner Dilemma

So we have a little problem at the Maxwell household.  I am totally asking for your advice so comment away when you are through reading 🙂

I get home with Baby Belle at about 5:30.  9 out of 10 times when we walk in the door she says, “cheese”.  She wants a snack.  I usually give her something small so that I can get cracking on dinner.  I am usually fairly organized with the whole meal planning thing.  I do make a weekly menu and shopping list and I do try and have easy to prep or already prepped dinners for when I will be late or when I will be gone for the evening but even so dinner usually takes about an hour to get on the table.

Well my kid gets bored if there is no one to entertain her outside of the kitchen and so she comes to me and wants up or wants to eat.  Sometimes I feed her…I mean the kid is probably starving.  But sometimes I try to hold out so she will actually eat when the family eats.

photoYou see…if I feed her more than just a little snack before dinner she tends to eat a few bits of dinner and then she is “all done”.  I let her down and then she whines at our feet wanting up.  It makes me crazy.  I look forward to talking to my sister and Kevin about our days and unwinding and enjoying my food.  Most nights Baby Belle can make dinner unbearable.  I know I need to change something so any and all suggestions are welcome 🙂

Help us!

photo(1)Tomorrow is Friday y’all!

Shaunna (I almost typed Friday for some reason instead of my name!)

My Chobani Relationship

Want to hear an embarrassing story?  If so, read on.  If not, check back tomorrow. 🙂

I didn’t used to like yogurt.  It was okay and I would buy it on occasion but usually I would choose another snack over the yogurt and then it would expire.  I would toss it.

Then I started reading blogs and found out about greek yogurt.  I had tried the sugared up brands and enjoyed it a bit more.  I liked the thicker texture over the regular stuff.  Yay! I liked yogurt.

I continued reading blogs and found out about Chobani.  Then my favorite grocery store started carrying Chobani.  I bought some because I wanted to be cool like the bloggers that I stalk.  I got plain and honey my first time around trying to cut back on the sugary goodness.

OMG!  I tasted the stuff and recoiled in disgust.  This yogurt has gone bad!!  I emailed Chobani and told them that I got a bad yogurt.  They took some info and sent me some coupons for free yogurt.  I went and used my coupons and got another batch of BAD yogurt…..

Oh friends.  If you have tried greek yogurt before you know it has a tangy taste.  I did not realize this because I had been eating sugared up greek yogurt.  I emailed Chobani again to explain my mistake.  They were nice about it and suggested using the plain as a sour cream replacement.  I do and I love it.

Chobani is a pretty great company.  They are friendly and don’t bust your chops when you tell them your yogurt has gone sour.  🙂  They also donate 10% of their proceeds to charity.  It is pretty cool.

They also like kids and have a kids line of yogurt called Chobani Champions.  Baby Belle loves it.

photo(3)We posted a picture of Baby Belle inhaling their Vanilla Chocolate Chunk flavor and they agree with me that she is pretty darn cute!

photo(4)And they were kid enough to send her a ton of other Chobani Champion flavors.  And now we are all going to be best friends!  Well…I will be their stalker at least.

photo(5)I stole some of Baby Belle’s stash and put it in my work fridge.

We love you Chobani and will never cheat on you!

And friends…they have coupons on their website and I am pretty sure that Hy-vee or Fareway have it on sale this week so get your booty in there!  Hopefully by now our neck of the woods has some of their new products to try.



Toddler Tuesday-Dot Art

Baby Belle wasn’t spoiled by Kevin and I this Christmas but she was with everyone else.  She has so many new toys to play with!  She has now started saying, “Come on!” and taking your hand to go back to her bedroom to play.  It is pretty cute.

One of the things she got from my brother and his wife were this dot art set that I put on Baby Belles wishlist on Amazon.  They also got her a couple of books that are meant to be used with the dobbers.  She loves them!

photo(2)I let her use one of the pages in the book on the first try but she didn’t really get the concept so we have switched to scratch paper since then.  She loves going wild with the doppers and makes some pretty cool creations.

photo(1)These are great because we get to practice colors and she likes trying to take the lids off herself and then put them back on.

photoWe also got them out during one of my mama’s visits with my nephew Maddox.  He is 2 1/2 and had a really fun time too.  So did my mom.  You can see her dot face in the bottom right hand corner.  She has a heart for the art as you can see.

So if you have little ones (the box says it is fun for ages 3-103) at home this is definitely a fun alternative to coloring.

Have you tried dot art?

Does this totally remind you of playing bingo?