We Are A Winning Couple.

Just not at golf.  🙂

Kevin invited me to golf with him yesterday.  Golfing is one of his favorite hobbies.  I have only golfed a handful of times but I will jump on the chance to spend time with him any day and any way.

We golfed in my home town at the Briggs Woods Public Golf Course.  Kevin and his buddies have golfed there several times but it was my first time and it was a ton of fun!  Like I mentioned before I have only golfed a few times in my life.  Despite my lack of experience and practice I was able to hit a couple of good hits.  (Do they call them hits?)

I have terrible form and from the jeers and cat calls I received 🙂 I swing way too hard.  It is more like I am playing softball than golfing.  My side, back and arms are killing me today and I think if I played properly I could save myself from that.

I need to watch the pro at work.

Either way we had an awesome time.  It took a long time but it was great time to spend together.  And we didn’t win anything.  We scored a 91 in couples best ball.  There was an older couple in their 70’s that scored a 70.  I am obviously no Bubba Watson.

That was the highlight of our busy weekend.  I can’t wait until I am invited to golf again!



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