Finally!  The first Monday of 2014 and now I can officially buckle down.

As you all know from my past posts I love goal setting.  I love list making.  I don’t love follow through.  🙂

This year I am doing things differently.  I am setting themes for different areas of my life and hoping that I can set attainable goals within that theme as I progress through the year.  While I am still trying to set up a game plan of the details I do have my themes picked out and I want to share them with you today.


Crossfit, Healthy Lifestyle=PUSH

Last fall after Crossfit Primal had us participate in a challenge (my partner and I got 3rd place by the way!!!  Way to go Sue!!!) I really took my workouts seriously and got in the habit of going to work out at least 4 times a week.  I actually looked forward to my workouts because I could see the positive changes in my body and of course want to continue seeing that!

Now I just need to push myself.  Stop taking so many breaks during the WOD, challenge myself with more weight, etc.  It will be interesting to see the changes that will happen when I do that!  🙂



I try not to mention my Slumber Parties business on here too much.  I just don’t want to seem pushy and obviously the blog is health centered.  While sexual health is important, it isn’t something I want to focus on here….for now anyway.  🙂  But I struggle with staying organized and consistent in my business and tend to make it harder for myself than I should.

This is going to be probably the biggest and hardest change that I need to make in my life and lots of boring details.  I won’t bore you, just know that I am going to simplify my systems and make it easier for me to run my biz like a biz.


Personal (mamahood, marriage, friendships, spirituality)=BE PRESENT

As a crazy, unorganized mama-I am all over the place.  I have a million things on my mind, I have a ton of friends on facebook, I have a bunch of shows I am addicted to, the list goes on.  I don’t tend to be present with what I am doing at any given moment.

Not fair to Baby Belle, not fair to the hubby, not fair to my friends, not fair to God.

This will be a work in process but keeping my phone in my purse until Baby Belle goes to bed is starting today.  🙂



I won’t go into details about our finances.  Just know we are not happy with them.  We will be taking care of our money situation a lot better this year by communicating often and focusing on the life we want to have in the very near future.


So as I get my head around all of this I will be sharing my game plan.

Cheer me on!


Any 2014 goals, themes or resolutions you want to share?



One thought on “2014

  1. Well it is Monday and it is the first of the year. If I don’t buckle down now, when will I? My goal is to become more active. It is something that I need for various reasons including weight, back pain, and an overall better feeling for myself. I will start with a workout two days a week and shooting to succeed in that for at least 6 weeks. I have so many more goals but I won’t ramble…this is the most important one.

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