August Goals

Hey friends,

I know that it isn’t August yet….but I need to make some changes fast and I have to get them down on here so you can hold me accountable.  You will help keep me in check right?

Here are my goals.

1.  No TV in August except on the weekends.  Friday-Sunday.  I have DVR.  I will live.  I will be productive.  I will connect with friends.  I will read.  I will bake.  I will take walks.  I will not watch television except for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  I pinky promise.  If you text me and it is a Tuesday and I say I am watching tv….I will send you $20.  Seriously.

2.  I will eat 4 servings of veggies with at least one of those servings being leafy greens.

3.  I not go back to sleep after Crossfit.  Day 2 and I am still on it!  I am going to make more of my mornings.

4.  I am going to go balls to the wall with Primals new challenge.  Go like them on FB and find some of the details there.

That is it.  These are going to be hard for me but I feel ready to make the change to focus on these things.  Just send me a positive thought now and then to keep me excited.




What are your goals for August?


3 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. So… #2… Is that 4 servings per the one month of August or daily/weekly??? lol

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