Mama Approved

Hey y’all.

I don’t have much to say today but I have a ton of pics in my phone of yummy stuff I have been eating lately.  Come along and take a look! 🙂


photoI scoped this out at the store and it was only $1.25.  I had to try it and it was good and easy to mix.  Loved that it was all natural.  Check out the site here as there are several other flavors to try!

photo(1)Oats in a peanut butter jar.  Threw in some strawberries for the pb&j effect.  YUM!

photo(2)Ripped Cream!  Great boost of protein in my morning coffee.  Tasted great!

photo(3)This Sambazon Freshie was a great replacement for coffee in the afternoon.  Tasted delish!

photo(4)Chobani Flip!  Love love love these.  Makes for an easy afternoon snack!  Almond Coco Loco is my favorite!

photo(5)I tried Noosa yogurt for the first time and it was so creamy!  It kind of reminded me of a raspberry cheesecake!

photo(6)Oh this was such a good dinner.  It was my first time making zuchinni noodles.  I sauted them lightly and then added some jalapeno cream cheese for a creamy sauce and topped it with taco turkey meat and corn.  Avocado on the side. 🙂

What yummy things have you been eating?

Have a great day friends 😉


2 thoughts on “Mama Approved

  1. Love, love, LOVE Noosa yogurt! We go through lots of it! Tim is obsessed, lol!

  2. oh! and I made zucchini pasta for the first time last week too! Maybe I’ll get around to posting that recipe before summer is over! 😉

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