Wow!  That was quite a break!

I really want to give you a list of excuses but really there is none….aside from I didn’t have too much jazzy stuff to tell you…so I didn’t.

I would like to say I was exhausted but I haven’t been doing anything extraordinary to make me feel that way.

photoNot like this little kiddo who fell asleep after a fun day at the zoo with her babysitter :).

I really should title this post I need to get my shit together!  I am very much an extrovert in that I like to take on a lot of activities but I rarely follow through with any.  I don’t make them a priority.  And that sucks because I like the blogging community and I truly want to be more than a bloggie stalker.  I want to be a blogger.  I just don’t want it to get boring for my readers.  😦

Enough of that.  Just wanted to say I am ready to get in the swing of things.  I am going to clean my office (AGAIN!).  I am going to find my blogger planner (AGAIN) and I am going to get my shit together….(AGAIN!)

Next time I am MIA for 2-3 weeks…shoot me an email or find me on FB and tell me.  I need that sometimes 🙂


Do you have a good routine and can give me some advice?

What have you been up to lately?

What sacrifices do you make for your priorities?


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