I Feel Like Ke$ha



Thank goodness it is Friday everyone!  I had a last minute party cancellation tonight and I am excited to get to chill.  I need chill.  I am very much a planner and a doer and I have over done myself…

which is why I didn’t make those Coconut Creme Larabars I was supposed to make.

I was too busy working on a project with Baby Belle for her Daddy.

photo(10)Eating Culver’s custard was not our project…but we hit it up before we headed home.  I went to Primal and did awesome on my calorie tracking all week.  I deserved a treat.  🙂

What I did whip together this morning was this…

photo(9)Looks like pee…which is why I felt like Kesha.  Did you guys watch that documentary on MTV where she drinks her own pee?  It is weird but anyway.  This is not pee.  It is DIY honey shampoo that I found on Pinterest.  I got all the essential oils for it at Vitacost last week and they finally came in.  I had to make this right away.  Check out the recipe here.

I am a little worried because in the post you will notice it talks about a transition period.  I didn’t shower yesterday and I worked out both then and today.  My hair was pretty ick to begin with….we will see.  I suppose I will have greasy yucky hair for a bit until my scalp evens back out.  I will update you.  Here is how I look today.  I pulled it up because it felt so stringy.

photo(11)Have an awesome weekend y’all.



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