Better Late Than Never-May Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Hey everyone.

Believe it or not…I didn’t slack on getting this posted.  My pen pal for last month was late on getting me my stuff so I just got it today!  What a great random surprise.  Adrienne had my name and went to a couple local coffee shops in Indiana to get my goodies.  I am currently sipping on a vanilla chai.  🙂  She was really cute and had a theme…chocolate and coffee…uh hello?  2 of my fave things 🙂

photo(8)So here are the details on all these goodies.

From right to left..

Homemade granola from Main Street Coffee House.  I plan on topping my yogurt with this later today!

Next is a little bag of Irish Creme coffee from the South Bend Chocolate Company.  It is an official product of the University of Notre Dame!  🙂

In the middle is Coffee Bark.  They look like little coffee/chocolate cookies.  Can’t wait.

Then the vanilla chai I am sipping on.  I added a scoop of unflavored protein powder too.

And last but not least…dark chocolate covered cherries… die for!

Thanks so much Adrienne…totally worth the wait!

Want to join the pen pal group….go here!


Do you drink coffee?  If so, what kind/flavor?



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