Weekend And Buckling Down


Hope you all had a happy weekend.  I took some pics…take a look.

photo(2)A little lady in my house discovered how fashionable clip on earrings can be.  🙂

photoShe also discovered how fascinating bug watching can be.  I saw her hunched over several times this weekend watching bugs!  Cute 🙂

photo(4)The hubs and I had an impromptu date night at Sam and Louie’s Pizza.  It was pretty good!  I was a very good girl and ate until I was full.  I am really proud of myself.

photo(3)We went to Racoon River Park and met up with some of my old high school friends and Stella had a blast!

photo(1)I ran yesterday and treated myself to this protein oatmeal.  It was a lot but I was craving it like no other.  It was a good treat!


Now….I mentioned that my workout buddy and myself were ready to get serious and buckle down.  I weighed myself in early April and came in at 146.  I got weighed again last Thursday and had only dropped 3 pounds.  It wasn’t that big of a shock as I have been pretty touch and go at Primal (sometimes only going in only 3 times a week) and I have been really confused about my eating (sorta like this girl) but it still stunk.

I like presents so I used this to come up with a plan with my buddy to make me get in gear.  Every week if I go to Primal 4 or more times my buddy will buy me a little gift costing no more than $5.  We are talking good for you gifts, like a protein bar or nail polish to celebrate.  Not a candy bar or trip to fro-yo.

I will buy myself one of these shirts if I do the following every week for a month.

1.  Go to Primal 4x a week.

2.  Count my calories every day.  I don’t like calorie counting but this is just for June…to give myself a reality check.  I don’t care if I go over my goal of 1200 calories…just as long as I am tracking.

3.  Run 3x a week.

I am pretty excited and already have 1 run and 1 WOD under my belt for this week.  Calories have been accounted for so far as well.  Wish me luck.


Do you give yourself “presents” for working out?

What motivates you?



One thought on “Weekend And Buckling Down

  1. You’ve got this girl. Proud of you for making progress! I’ve been pretty much stuck at 190 and obviously frustrated over it. I love to reward myself with progress – I usually try to “save up” my rewards for a new hairdo or a mani/pedi. I’m meeting with a nutrition coach on wednesday… we shall see how that goes…

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