Currently I am running out of actual things to tell you about so I am stealing this idea from several other blogs and passing it off as a post 🙂

Current Book:  I am reading 3 books right now.  I don’t normally do this but I am!  Not sure how well it is going to work out.

I have this book for at work when I am bored.


I read Slim For Life at night before bed.

I am slowly soaking in The Sacred Romance when I have quiet moments by myself.  This is taking me forever but I am marking it up and rereading it so much so I can take it all in.

Current Music:  I just listen to whatever.  I currently added Spice Girls to my Pandora though.  That is fun!

Current Guilty Pleasure:  These bars.  Can’t stop eating them!


Current Nail Color:  Is it still the trend to do your 4th finger a different color or am I behind the times?


Current Drinks:  OH GOODNESS!  These new drink mixers from Wild Tree.  Organic, Natural and 35 calories or less per serving!  Pour me a drink!  Anyone who hosts a June tasting can get one of these for free as a bonus from me!


Current Food:  I can tell you what I haven’t eaten yet this week….fro yo!  I have been trying to be good since I have realized I am stuck in a major weight loss plateau.  😦

Current Show:  Kevin and I are big fans of Masterchef and I am so excited about the new season!

Current Wish List: I really want the Up bracelet by Jawbone!  Sooooo want!!!!

Current Needs: Just like Tina mentioned in her Currently post….I need a hair cut!  BAD!

Current Blessing: Just getting to watch Baby Belle learn and grow.  She is really starting to get a personality and I can tell already she is going to be a little jokester.  She just says words weird and when I say what she says, “celery” because it cracks her and I up.  She is a ham!


Current Outfit: I am forcing summer with my wardrobe.  It has been rainy and kind of cold at times but I am still sporting tanks and dresses.  Not sure why I am making this face.  Obviously I don’t do a lot of selfies.  Like my work head set?  HA!


Current Excitement:  My workout buddy and I are in the works of a generous little game plan to support each other in getting back on track.  I am excited and will share once we finalize the details 🙂

So that is it….what about you?  Comment with some of your currents.



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