Workout Fashion

Hey y’all.

Tomorrow is Friday and the beginning of a long weekend!  So excited!

I skipped Primal today…I am still sore from my walking lunges Monday and I was just pooped.  Hope to take my running buddy for a little jog later tonight.  🙂

So lets talk workout fashion.  I have no cool workout clothes.  I have a few pairs of capri’s, a pair of yoga pants and a pair of compression pants.  I have a couple old t-shirts but normally I wear whatever shirt I went to bed in.  I have 4 crusty sports bras (I have to wear 2 at a time) that I grossly wear over and over until they are too stinky.

If I had endless amounts of money and closet space….this is what I would buy for my workouts!  These are all located at

1.  This great top from Economy Grocery

2.  Lots of cute stuff at Ruffles With Love

Perfection is Perception Racerback

3.  Love this purple color!  Valiant Vixen Clothing has a lot of options.

Purple Tri Blend Tank

4.  Hilarious…from Little Shop of Joy

Long tank top Mama said knock you out

4.  Simple and awesome!  Found at Lean Ladies

One More Rep Tank

5.  This is perfect.  Buy me this at Starting Lineup Tees

Look Like a Fox Tank

6.  Love the racer back style.  Found at Vivid Ink

Train Insane  Racerback Flowy Tank

7.  Love!  I love everything at Living Proof Gear

Crossfit Kill It Burnout Racerback Tank, White, SMALL

8.  Sassy!  Found at Sunset Designs

No I Got These Arms From Applying Lip Gloss All Day Gym Tank Top Racerback You Choose Colors

9.  Love the ombre!  These are sold at Wicked Stitch.

Strong Is The New Skinny Ombre pink tank

10.  HA!  Buy this one at Signature Tshirts.

I Clean, Jerk & I Have a Nice SNATCH Kettlebell Womens Tank top Racer back Burnout crossfit NEON pink

It is my birthday on June 21.  Just sayin’.  🙂

What do you wear when you work out?

Where do you shop for your work out clothes?



3 thoughts on “Workout Fashion

  1. save that change and get a tata tamer bra. the most important piece of gear (next to your shoes) is a proper sports bra. i have tiny boobs and the first thing i ever invested in was a sports bra.

    also, i’ve been wanting to do a tie dye party where everybody brings old workout shirts and we tie dye them and cut them into new fun things. just sayin’. i don’t really have the location to do it though. 😉

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