Push And A Winner!


First off I need to apologize for not announcing the winner of the WildTree bread mix!  The winner is Brittany!  I will be sending that out to you shortly so be watching the mail!

Also…I completely forgot to make my Stuff to do or try ASAP.  I will just have to post it this Friday.  No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars for the win!

And…I wanted to update you on my work out schedule.  I have gone every day this week and I am totally proud of myself…however…I am realizing that I am not pushing.  I get into my own head too much and bug myself out.  While on the drive to Primal I tell myself, “Don’t rest until your arms/legs truly fail you.  If you do rest just count to 5 and get back at it!”.

I never do that.  I will do 3 pull ups (with bands) in a row and rest…because I tell myself I can’t do a 4th…and I totally could I bet!  I take the weight off the bar telling myself I can’t do it with the extra 10 pounds…without even failing…I just tell myself I will fail so take the weight off….and then I feel like a LOSER!!!!!

So I need to push.  I got my journal back out.

photo(4)This is a journal I customized myself from Journal Menu.  See those goals on there?  I made those goals for myself.

Finish Strong

Eat Clean

Get Huge Guns

Be Confident

Work Out 4 Days a Week

I am not confident and I am not always finishing strong!  I have got to get out of my head.  So starting today(see..I am not even waiting for a Monday!)…I am tracking my WOD’s in here.  Hopefully me seeing progress will help me push even harder.

Here are some pictures of the inside of my journal.

photoHere is where you can track your daily WOD as well as rate your sleep and nutrition.

photo(2)It has a great guide of many of the Olympic weight lifting moves.

photo(3)A spot to track your personal records!

photo(5)A spot to track your progress on The Girls and The Heroes.

It is a great guide but obviously you have to USE IT!  Hopefully tracking this will help me push a little harder.

Do you write down your workouts or keep track of your progress?


P.S.  I paid for my journal at Journal Menu!  I just love the book and wanted to share 🙂


2 thoughts on “Push And A Winner!

  1. If you could see yourself as others see you – you would know that you ARE strong and confident! You can do it!!

  2. i keep track of workouts! Great way to hold myself accountable.

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