I Am One Of Those People

Hey Y’all.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  I sure did!!!!!  I had a bunch of pictures from my phone that I sent to myself via email and then promptly deleted only to remember that my phone email is jacked up and now they are gone.  I will quickly brief you on how fab it was.

Friday I had a Slumber Party with a great group of girls.  Made a big chunk of money so I could spoil Kevin on his birthday weekend and buy my cousin and myself tickets to Hanson in August….jealous?

Saturday I got up early and met my friends at the Farmers Market.  I forgot to take pictures of my goodies but I just bought some raw creamed honey, salsa and a pint of blueberries which me, my sis, and Baby Belle ate as soon as I got home.

Then I took my birthday boy to Americana for the brunch.  I had heard great things and so I used that as an excuse to head on over!  I took pictures of all my plates and those are the ones that I deleted like an idiot.  Just trust me though…it was good.  My fave was the lemon ricotta filled crepes with fresh raspberries!  To die for!

After that my sis, Baby Belle and I ran some errands to get ready for Kevin’s birthday BBQ.  The BBQ was so much fun and Kevin had a lot of friends and family stop by to help him celebrate.  I wish I would have taken some pictures because it was incredible!  Kids running around, grown ups talking, eating and drinking, and awesome weather.

Sunday was Kevin’s actual birthday and so we went golfing (Kev’s fave hobby) with another couple.  We were worried storms would ruin the day but it actually was quite hot…and I got my 2nd sunburn of the summer already.

Great weekend!  🙂

And now Monday is here….

I mentioned in this post that I wasn’t quite happy with the way I looked in the picture.  😦  I have been doing a really good job of following what I eat but I need to really focus just a little bit more.  I bought this book today.  Calee started talking about this and I have been very curious….I feel like my habits have changed just by reading what she has posted but now I am ready to take it serious…because it is a Monday and all.  Yeah…I am one of those people.  I didn’t want to take my eating habits seriously over the weekend…well because I was going wild eating at a buffet and having beers at a BBQ.

Monday is here and I feel like this:

wednesday blog post.Oh PopSugar…are you telling me that I am coo coo and should have just started this venture when it felt right?  Well…I had to wait until Monday!

Can’t wait to tell you more about what I learn!

Are you a “I will start Monday” person too?

How was your weekend?





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