Toddler Tuesday-Independent Woman


Kids grow fast.  Like really fast.  I see tiny newborns and think how did my kid grow up to be basically an adult.  She doesn’t even need me anymore….except to give her owies (is that how you spell it?) kisses.  I love that kissing her owies make them all better.  She is really growing up and letting me know.

She never wants to hold hands.

photo(3)And you can imagine she doesn’t really like the stroller anymore.  I did break down and buy her a leash last year.  I know the backlash I could get from admitting that but we tried it out at the farmers market downtown where it is really busy and she insisted on walking.  She loved the freedom and loved the “monkey backpack”.  Obviously I won’t make her wear it everywhere but when I have my hands full with bags of produce it was helpful to have that so we could both enjoy our time there.

She doesn’t want me to cut up her food anymore.  She likes to eat like a big kid.

photo(4)I do my best to let her experience foods without obliterating them with my kitchen scissors but most of the time I win this and she doesn’t fuss too much.

She wants to help.  This is sometimes really nice.  Like she puts her own dirty clothes in the laundry basket in our room…or if she sees that I have made piles of my clothes on the floor she throws hers there too.  Looks like I need to be a better example.  She really likes to help in the kitchen.

photophoto(2)A little extra mess is fine by me to make Baby Belle feel happy and independent.  She really is Mama’s Little Helper.

Next thing I know she will be driving a car!

photo(1)What???  🙂

What awesome things are your kiddos wanting to do on their own?

Go ahead…let’s have a friendly debate about leashes 😉



5 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday-Independent Woman

  1. How can Baby Belle be that big already? It scares me to think that our lil beastie will be that big so soon. To answer your question…she wants to walk. Badly. She keeps pulling herself up and letting go. She isn’t strong enough yet, so she falls on her butt…but she grumbles and does it again. Its way too soon. 😦 As for leashes…if they make you feel safer and Baby Belle doesn’t mind, why the heck not? Unless you are really just dragging your kid down the sidewalk like a dog, then I say go for it. It seems like it would teach safe/acceptable distances away from mama anyway.

  2. It is kind of unfair how fast they grow compared to how long pregnancy seemed to take! I absolutely love watching her but I do feel that sadness that I no longer have a squishy newborn, or a baby learning to sit up, to crawl, to walk. I now officially have a running toddler who is very much beginning to develop quite the personality. 🙂

    No worries on the leash, my mom bought us one for Imy’s first birthday and I fully intend to use it in such situations as Farmer’s Market and the fair. She’s already super independent and doesn’t want to hold hands when she’s walking so this way she can be independent but we aren’t going to lose her in a crowd. I don’t know why they get such a bad rap. I mean, okay, it does seem like a ridiculous idea but it is all about safety. 🙂 I agree with the previous comment, unless you are dragging your kid around I don’t see anything wrong with it. Imogen loves to just wear the backpack around all the time too since I wear her around when we’re out shopping, with the monkey backpack she can be just like me. :p

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