Stuff to do or try ASAP-1

Happy Friday!

Oh good gravy….the weeks have been dragging by…..I am so glad it is the weekend.  🙂  Can’t wait for Mother’s Day that is for sure.

So I wanted to touch base with you all about my crossfit goals this week.  I didn’t really set any out and I couldn’t get to Primal on Monday or Tuesday.  I did force myself to go Wednesday-Friday though and that was hard.  I hate rolling myself out of bed at 4:15 😦

I decided with the guidance of a great coach there to use these two goals as a platform:

1.  No more knee push ups.  Or at least don’t start there.  Today we had 20 pushups to do in our AMRAP.  I did 5 real pushups, dropped to my knees for 5, did 5 real and then finished with 5 on my knees.  Outside of the WODs I am going to work on real pushups too.

2.  Keep working on my pull up.  Courtney, my coach actually came by and made me use a harder band today.  That made me feel amazing that she believed in me even though I was mad that I had to work harder.  It was great to feel her support because I didn’t think I could do it.  It slowed me down but I did push though 🙂

3.  I must go 4 days a week.  Done and done.


So last Friday I posted about the folder in my email with all the stuff I wanted to try.  Sadly…only one person responded.  Hey…where are you guys?  Comment on my blog ya hear?  She wanted me to make the Strawberries and Cream Breakfast Rolls.

I really wanted to make them too but I didn’t want to buy cresent rolls.  I wanted to make my own and that took time for yeast to work magic and I stuck too much stuff in my schedule to get that done.  So I voted for the Quinoa Protein Bites.  I had all the stuff on hand (or substitutes I guess) and it took me 20 minutes.  I did it this morning while I was still in a towel and getting me and Baby Belle ready.  The recipe from Shawn Can Blog is here.  Like I said, I modified my bites because I didn’t know what bran buds were and I didn’t want to use dried fruit because I used up some crusty old chocolate protein powder from back in the day when Kevin used to pump iron…..way back in the day.

photo(3)See that big old jug taking up space in our tiny kitchen.  I have a weird thing about wasting food so I am going to use it but ugh…I can’t get rid of it fast enough.  I also used Trader Joe’s Almond Butter instead of the peanut butter.

I put everything in the bowl and mixed it up.

photoIt looked a little wet so I threw in some sunflower seeds and a handful (about a 1/4 a cup) of oatmeal.  I then put it in the fridge as directed to help it firm up.

photo(1)And because you might find this brown goop appealing…here is a close up 🙂

I then rolled it up into 15 ping pong sized balls.  I put some in the fridge and some in the freezer.  I tasted the mixture but haven’t tried the balls yet but the mixture was tasty!

photo(2)Now for next Friday….what is your vote.

Putting these back out there….you can vote again Megan!  🙂  Strawberries and Cream Breakfast Rolls

No Bake Protein Bars

Carrot Cake Bites

Yum to all 3…but you help me pick!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there



7 thoughts on “Stuff to do or try ASAP-1

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe and look at you go with your CrossFit goals!!! Love it!

  2. I think those look really good. I’m trying to start this paleo diet thing so, am totally interested in all the stuff you blog about.
    The other day when you were writing about the chicken. I do that every time the chicken breast is on sale at Hy-Vee. But I never thought about making those nuggets. I just boil the chicken shred it and freeze it, with broth, for later uses. I’m going to be making nuggets next time!

  3. My vote is no bake protein bars!

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