Leibster Award-5 Months Late

Hey y’all.

So wayyyyy back in December a bloggy friend of mine, Mollie at Sprinkles of Life nominated me for the Leibster Award.  I was in Washington DC at the time and then I dropped of the blogging planet to get my head in order and then I kept pushing off getting my butt in gear.

Better late than never right?

Here is the post that Mollie originally posted.

Here is how the Award works:

Write 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
Create 11 new questions
Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post
Thank the person that nominated you and tell the people you’ve nominated

So here goes!


1.  I obsess about making lists.  Rarely do I use them to make myself be productive but list making is a fun thing for me to do.

photo(5)2.  I am addicted to Pinterest.  It is a sad sad thing.

3.  I was an english major in college.  I went to ISU but never graduated.  I drank too much 😦

4.  I don’t really like frosting.  I was never a huge fan of it…even as a kid.  The cupcake I had from Scratch Cupcakery  yesterday was good…even the frosting.  I had the Salty Dog.  YUM!


5.  I am messy.  Now before you think I am nasty hold on!  I am not dirty…just messy.  I don’t pick up after myself.  Our house is generally a mess and while I would like to blame it on the fact that I have a 2 year old…it is generally my fault.

6.  I am obsessed with fro-yo.  OBSESSED!!!!

photo(7)7.  I found out I needed glasses by failing my vision test when renewing my drivers license.  I couldn’t read the letters and numbers in that little machine at all.  They were actually going to take my license away that day……but then I started crying.  They gave me 15 days to get glasses and report back for my new license.  And now I am a four eyes.

8.  I hate running.  I know my blog implies that I like it….but I hate it.  I just wish I was a run lover.  Maybe someday.

9.  I hate talking on the phone.  I do it for my job so I hate talking to people on the phone when I am off work…except on my drive home.  I usually call my mama every day.

10.  I hate driving in the snow.  I get really anxious and upset about it.  It is pretty bad.

11.  I would like to be a foster parent someday.  Not now…I am too busy with life and watching Baby Belle grow but someday.


1. What is your day job? 

I work at Iowa Mediation Service.  We answer the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline and I am the primary intake person there.  In December I took the training necessary for me to become a mortgage mediator and I have several files I am currently working on trying to find work out options for people struggling to make their mortgage payments.

2. When you were a kid, what did you want to me when you grew up? 

That varied depending on my mood.  I wanted to become a comedian, a secretary, a teacher, a movie star…the list goes on and on. 

3. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? 

Kevin and I went to Arizona for part of our honeymoon last year.  Sedona and The Grand Canyon were amazing.  The company wasn’t bad either 🙂


4.  What’s the farthest place you traveled? 

When I was a junior in high school my family was generous enough to let me join my French class to an amazing trip to France.

5. What’s your favorite restaurant and what do you order there?

  Hmmmm…this is hard.  We try not to eat out much.  I love Mexican though and usually always order carne asada no matter which restaurant we go to.

6. What is your dream job? 

I would love to be an actress….Amy Poehler is hilarious and I want to be just like her.  Or I would want to be a chef…like a good one. 🙂

7. What’s your favorite TV show? 

I watch way too much tv.  Some of my faves are: Teen Mom,  Real World, Awkward, MasterChef.  Reality tv.  It is sad but it is what I like.

8. What kind of music do you like? 

I listen to everything.  I normally listen to 107.5 in the car and have a handful of random cd’s that I listen too.  Kevin has Pandora in his car and I love the 90’s country station.  When I work out I listen to rap…Little Wayne, Birdman, Jay-Z.

9. How long have you been blogging and why do you do it? 

I think a year!  I have been on and off the bandwagon and really inconsistent but still plugging away.  I love to gather info and share it so I thought this would be a good sounding board.  I also want a way to keep myself accountable for my goals and have a group of people to support me in that. 

10. Do you have siblings? 

Oh golly I do!  Lots of  em.

I have my brother Brandon.

photo(10)My sister Mikayla and other Brother Gary.

photo(9)My brother Dane and his wife Jamie.

558996_10200337032281511_1456436630_nAnd my littlest brother Chase who passed away when he was 14.  😦


And then I have my other two sisters, Courtney and Kendall


Big family=Big love 🙂

11. What’s a Christmas tradition in your family? 

Chaos?  Is that a tradition? 🙂  Because I have such a large extended family and they all mean so much to me we run around a lot.  J  It gets hectic but being with my fam this time of the year is important to me.  I do want to start a tradition with my little fam at home and get cute PJ’s for the night before and do movie nights.  Now that Baby Belle is old enough to get excited for it I think it will be fun!


1.  Why did you start blogging?

2.  Name  your favorite meal.

3.  Are you a runner?

4.  What would your dream vacation consist of?

5.  What was your favorite thing about school?

6.  What is your favorite season?

7.  If everything would work out perfectly where would you live?

8.  What would your fantasy job be?

9.  Who is your celebrity crush?

10.  What is your favorite book?

11.  What is your favorite thing to bake?  Recipes welcome 🙂


The Miss Fit Mama

Girl of the Corn

She Rocks Fitness

Learning to be Laura

Whit Likes Fit


On the Banks of Squaw Creek

Secrets from the Cookie Princess

Blonde Ponytail

Stuft Mama

Just Keep Sweating


Thanks again Mollie for nominating me and so sorry it took me so long to get this done!

Have a happy Thursday y’all!



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