Toddler Tuesday-Facebook Conversations

Hey y’all.

Aren’t you Iowans loving this weather?  I missed my crossfit workout yesterday so my workout partner and I did two laps around Gray’s Lake.  It was gorgeous!  🙂  We have a little more rain in the near future but that is fine….as long as it stays warm!

So…about Facebook and my toddler…my kid doesn’t have a Facebook page so don’t flip out.  🙂  She doesn’t even know what Facebook is.  But I talk about  her a lot on Facebook and I ask a lot of questions to other parents about situations with Baby Belle on Facebook.  I ask most of them to my cousin Marci.  She has 4 kids and we agree with a lot of things when it comes to parenting so she is always great to reach out to for advice.

When she noticed I was going the more natural route with eating she sent me some links to check out.  I wanted to share them with you too.  I haven’t tried any of these yet but they are on my list of Stuff to do or try ASAP.  🙂

5 Recipes For Your Kids Favorite (Typically) Store Bought Snacks

Frozen Yogurt Dots

13 Tasty Lunchbox Ideas

Homemade Vanilla Wafers

Homemade Fruit Snacks

Isn’t Marci the best?  Everyone say thank you Marci!

Love you Marci!

Do you have any homemade snack ideas?






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