Stuff to do or try ASAP

Hey friends!

It is Friday and I am so glad.  I have no commitments tonight and I am looking forward to some pizza delivery and tv watching tonight.  I know that I am supposed to cut down on that but I just need a night of vegging out.  🙂

So remember the days before Pinterest?  What did you all do with those ideas you found on the internet?  I am horrible about technology and only recently did I learn how to create a folder on my desktop.  I used my email and created files there and put either blog posts that were delivered by email or just emailed myself a link to whatever I found and stuck it in my Stuff to do or try ASAP folder.


photo(4)See it there…nestled in with a bunch of other random crap I keep in folders.  Ha!  Well I don’t think I have done a darn thing that I have saved in the folder….so I am going to use the blog to force me to try the stuff out.  Now all of these things range…from recipes to stuff to do with Baby Belle or whatever.

I am going to post 3 of these ideas and you get to pick which one you want me to try.  I will report back next Friday with the results and give you 3 more ideas to pick.  Won’t that be fun?  So with out any more delay….take your pick and comment to let me know what you want me to try.

1.  These fruity protein muffins from Protein and Pumps blog.  YUM!

2.  These quinoa protein bites from Shawn Can Blog.  I am totally just picking the top 3 items I put in this folder…lots of protein going on!

3.  These strawberries and cream breakfast rolls from Once a Month Mom.

Take a pick over the weekend and comment on the blog.  The winning idea will be posted next Friday.

Have a great weekend!







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