I’m Crafty And I Know It

Hey y’all.

I won’t even complain about the weather.  If you live in Iowa you know that Mother Nature is DRUNK!

I have a little tutorial for you.  It is crapily put together but the concept is so easy the bad pictures and vague instructions will be easy for you to follow.  I am going to show you how to make this:

IMG_9908It is one of those chicken wire/clothes pin hanging things!  We have this one sitting right by our front door for pictures and announcements and such.  I used the ribbon covered clothespins from our wedding on there and it is really snazzy!

Step 1:  Find an old picture frame and take it apart so you don’t have the glass and backing on it.  I was lucky enough to snag this old thing at a garage sale.  It already had the glass and backing out of it.  Total cost was $5.  Bam!

Step 2:  Find some chicken wire.  I lucked out because my mom had some in her garage for some reason.  The chicken wire will need to be large enough for you to clip your clothespins to it.  By the way….the Dollar Tree has clothespins for $1.  Bam!

Step 3:  Ask your mom or someone else to help you.  If your frame doesn’t already have a wire on it for hanging….hammer one one like this:

photo(3)Using a ruler to measure where the two nails will hold the wire will keep it perfectly balanced.

Step 4:  Place the chicken wire along the back of the frame.  Use tiny nails and hammer them in being careful not to hammer it all the way through the frame.  You will them hammer the end of the frame to keep the wire in place.  I unfortunately didn’t get good pictures of what I mean.  Hopefully you get it.  If not, go to Pinterest.  I am sure a good DIY blogger has better instructions on there 🙂

photo(1)Step 5:  After having enough nails to keep the screen nice and sturdy you need to cut the excess wire.  I used my kitchen shears!

photoClearly I am having fun!  It is such an easy project you can do it in your robe!  🙂

Do you like crafts?

Do you like Pinterest?

Tomorrow is Friday folks!  Yes!!!



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