Toddler Tuesday-Paint Party

Hey y’all.

So this week i threw it out there that I was going to Primal 4 times or else!  Monday was a doozie!  Here was the WOD:

photo(2)Tina and I did do our heaviest back squat yet at 80 pounds I think…right Tina?

I really struggled with the WOD.  I started with 65 pounds and rocked out the dead lifts during the first round but as soon as I went to do my first hang power clean I knew I needed to go down in weight and I dropped to 55 pounds.  I struggled through it but I felt strong.  I forgot my time.  I was just glad I was done.

Some eats for the day:

photo(1)egg, sausage and salsa scramble for breakfast

photoSoup for lunch.  I received coupons for these Campbells Go soup by participating in smiley360.  They sent me a free one to try and I used some coupons for myself.  They are so good!  I didn’t eat the cracker with my soup because I used it later….

photo(4)More Nutty Butter.  I wonder if it would taste good with celery.  I am going to try it today.

And dinner.

photo(3)And a taco style broccoli mess that was again inspired by Stuft Mama’s recipe.  This was realllllly good.  🙂

And now for some toddler stuff.  My kid loves to paint.  My sister painted with her this weekend while I took MJ to the vet.  I also did find a couple pics that I took of Baby Belle painting her dress before the Glow Run.


See?  2 times in one weekend.  She loves it.  I really want to throw a Paint Party.  Kevin’s mom used to have fun little parties for him all the time when he was little.  I want to be that kind of mom.  Luckily now we have Pinterest so we can make the parties jazzy.  I made a board just for this party that I want to hold this summer.  I even have paint made out of dried veggies so that Baby Belle’s little friends will be able to come join the fun.  Go check out the board.  Then tell me you want to be invited with your kiddo 🙂

‘Til tomorrow.



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