Glow Run Re-cap


I will warn you now I have a lot of pictures in this post.  But most of them are embarrassing so they will be funny.  I participated in the Glow Run on Saturday night with my sis, my mama, and my sisters friends T-Pain and Tessa.  We had a blast.

I started out the day baking some goodies for our short decorating BBQ we had before the run.  I made chocolate chip cookies, Biscoff bars and rice krispy treats.  We needed to carb and sugar up before the event. 😉

photo(14)We all got shorts to decorate with puff paint and glitter.  I felt like I was in the 8th grade.  It was great.

photo(7)Baby Belle was to busy playing games on my i-phone to get her creative juices flowing.  She did eventually go nuts on a white tank dress I got her but like a crap mom I forgot to take a picture to show you.

photo(6)Don’t we look cool?

photo(4) photo(1)MJ is totally photo bombing.

photo(2)The place was packed.  There were 12,000 runners that night and about half of them were busy getting obnoxiously wasted before hand.  We got our glow sticks ready and I took some senior portraits.


And then we had a group photo taken in all the chaos.  It truly was scary there!

photo(9)We got in one of the first runs and got started on the long adventure.  It was like a crazy early 90’s swarm of neon.

photo(4)photo(5)But one of the jazziest parts was we all got medals.  Jackpot!

photoHave a happy Monday friends!

Did you do the Glow run?

How was your weekend?


7 thoughts on “Glow Run Re-cap

  1. I saw my facebook timeline blowing up with photos from the run, looks like fun 🙂

  2. I was bummed I didn’t have the money to sign up for this beforehand but then its a good thing I didn’t because I ended up in the hospital. 😐 So I would not have been able to run anyway. But it looked like fun! 🙂

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  4. this looks like a blast!! glad you had fun

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