Hip Hop Does A Body Good And I Am In Trouble

Hey y’all.

It is finally Friday and for once this week the sun was shining when I waltzed into work this morning.  So refreshing…now if only the temps would warm up a bit.

One thing I wanted to do with the blog was recap my workouts and meals with you but not really sure how to make that flow so bear with me during the process and  your advice and comments are always welcome.  I don’t want this blog to be a boring recap of my daily schedule.

I did go to Primal yesterday morning (one of the 2 times I went this week….so crappy!) and did a partner workout with Tina.  We did pretty good although I think we could have gone a little heavier on the weight.

WOD for Thursday April 18, 2013

Primal Partner WOD

5 Rounds for time of:

20 Box Jumps 24/20 (20/12)
–10 Overhead Squats 115/85 (85/55) (55/35)
–Deadlift Hold 245/185 (185/135) (135/75)
—–10 Deadlifts 245/185 (185/135 (135/75)
—–Barbell Hold (Overhead) 115/85 (85/55) (55/35)

-Working with a Partner. Box Jumps alternate between partners.
-Overheads are done while the other partner holds the deadlift weight (Reps must stop and will not count unless bar is held)
-Deadlifts are done while the other partner holds the squat weight overhead. (Reps must stop and will not count unless bar is held)

For some reason when I do a snatch squat or overhead squat I have a hard time squating down with weight over my head.  I have tried it with 35 lbs. and can barely squat down so I asked Tina if we could just try using the 15 lb. bar so I could practice my squating form.  Luckily she was cool with that.  We used 65 lbs. for the deadlifts and probably could have done a bit heavier but deadlifts weren’t her strong suit.

We finished in 9:44 and I thought that was pretty awesome. 

I had another Chobani and Uber bar yogurt parfait for breakfast but forgot to take a picture of it.  As always it was good.  I snacked on some blackberries later that morning before scarfing down the greasy leftovers from date night.  Definitely doesn’t look as appealing as it did under those dim lights.


It has been kind of stressful this week at work so when my co-worker made a pound cake I quickly helped myself.  It was delish.  I did limit myself to one piece though…I wanted about 4 more!

photo(7)Notice the lemon glaze she put on the top?  So good.

For dinner we had left overs.  I was going to hip hop class and my sister was staying at a friends.  I popped in some pizza for Baby Belle and Kevin and I made some roasted broccoli slaw and channeled my best Stuft Mama bowl topped with avocado and cold left over chicken strips I made for my sis and Baby Belle the night before.  It was pretty darn good.


Once Kevin got home we talked for a bit and then I headed to Kee’s Camp for hip hop class.  I almost didn’t go.  I was tired and crabby from work and just wanted to sit and watch tv but my girlfriend Mel got me to go and I am so glad I did.  60 minutes of dancing my worries away was just what I needed for an attitude adjustment.  Thanks Mel and thanks Jen Kees!!!!

And as far as being in BIG trouble….look what I got today!

photo(12)Have you ever tried this stuff?  Nutty Butter!  I got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Birthday Cake…so good!!!!  As soon as I ripped the package open I was dipping my finger in it!  This stuff is amazing.  I justified eating a ton of it by smothering it on a piece of fruit.

photo(6)That is the Birthday Cake…with sprinkles all up in it!  Soooo good.

photo(11)This could be a problem.

I have a pretty busy weekend so I will recap on Monday.

Have you tried Nutty Butter?

What are your weekend plans?



4 thoughts on “Hip Hop Does A Body Good And I Am In Trouble

  1. LOVE nutty butter! i need to be better about ordering it since i designed the labels. 🙂 i feel like a jerk for not supporting her.

  2. While I’m sorry to be the focus of a Taylor Swift song–but clearly I will be using “Trouble” as the theme song when Nutty Butter hits the media airwaves–I am glad that you love it. 🙂

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