When Big Airplanes Wake Us Up

Hi Friends,

I did a bad thing.  I walked out to check my phone without even putting my glasses on…just kind of hoping that my work out buddy would have texted me saying she wasn’t going to crossfit this morning.  We had a rolling thunder storm and it was rainy….I just wanted to go back to bed.   Lucky me her kid was sick.  Unlucky Riley was puking and pooping all over the place.  (Get well soon little girl!!!)  I promptly went back to bed only to have Baby Belle start crying about 15 minutes later.

It is so funny when Baby Belle cries in the middle of the night.  She has slept all through the night ever since she was 4 months old.  Kevin and I cherish our sleep and so we promptly put a bedtime ritual into place that luckily she eased right into.  I wear ear plugs because I am a light sleeper and Kevin snores but if Baby Belle cries out in the night I usually hear her.  Kevin and I both tense up and wait…..and listen.  She usually goes right back to bed and it is no big deal.  I thought that is what she did when I heard her at 4:50 this morning and I went back to sleep.  Kevin woke me up at 5:30 as he was getting ready for work letting me know she had been in the bed talking and singing to herself the whole time.  So much for skipping my work out to sleep in :).

Baby Belle informed me that she kept hearing big airplanes.  I tried to tell her it was thunder.  But she insists it is big airplanes.  We live on the south side of Des Moines which is where the airport is located and we hear and see airplanes all the time.  She was wide awake and very curious about the rain so we spent a bit of time at the window.  When that got boring, we played school.

photo(7)Even before she was born I bought all sorts of eductional books and flash cards.  Finally she is old enough to put them to use.  She can name all of these shapes and most of the colors.  We learned what a semi-circle is folks.  She can clearly say semi-circle.  This kid is smart.  🙂

Then we colored and she helped me take this picture.

photo(6)She knows how to use my i-phone better than I do.  She asked to take this and I had no idea she knew how but she pushed the little camera icon and voila…my kid is smart and artsy.

So even though I am dragging a bit this morning…I liked having our loud airplane morning time.  I learned a lot!

Do your kids sleep through the night?

Can your kid navigate your smart phone better than you?

Until tomorrow folks!




One thought on “When Big Airplanes Wake Us Up

  1. I think she fell back asleep but then woke up when my alarm went off. Glad you guys had some early morning fun!!!

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