My Gym Bag

Happy Wednesday y’all.

The sun is shining and good gravy only 2 days until Friday!  🙂

I really want to unload all the positive changes in my life and the new (sorta) habits I have been working on but I don’t want to spill my guts until I know for sure they will hold.  So until then I have prepared some not so inspiring blog posts to keep you up to date until then.  🙂

I have started up at Crossfit Primal again.  They sent me a facebook message after I hadn’t shown up for my last paid month.  I explained I didn’t feel that “family community” that I hoped to find and that the long commute just wasn’t jiving for me.  They apologized for my not feeling included (I did tell them a lot of it had to do with my own insecurities and shyness) and gave me a new member rate at a much closer location they were opening.  Things are going much better now and I will elaborate more on that soon.

I pay $10 a month to be a member at Planet Fitness which is only a mile or so from my house.  I decided to keep my membership there since I have gotten into the habit of rocking out some great cardio on the machines while watching tv.  To make spur of the moment gym trips easier I packed a gym bag.  Here is what is inside:

photo(17)I used a backpack that I got from a Slumber Parties event since I had no other use for it.  Inside I included:

deodorant*water bottle*assorted protein bars and one Vega single serve protein powder*headband, hair tye and a bobbie pin*FRS energy chews*towel

There is never any need for me to shower at the gym and I usually get dressed before going so simple and sweet.

What do you pack in your gym bag?



2 thoughts on “My Gym Bag

  1. I’m anxious to hear about your positive changes and all the things that are making you extra happy these days! Keep the posts coming! Love reading about what you have going on in life!

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