Toddler Tuesday-Dyeing Easter Eggs

It is dyeing right?  Because dying would be like dead.  I hope so.  🙂

Hi everyone!  2 days in a row!!!!  Planning = consistency!!!

So I know Easter is over but I still wanting to share some pics from the dyeing adventure we had at the Maxwell house.  We had a lot of cracked eggs….like half of the dozen but it was fun…for like 15 minutes.  🙂  I am so eager for the crafts and projects phase of my kids life that I have been kind of forcing it on her too early I think.  Luckily for her (and me) I have been patient with letting these activities run their short courses without getting bent out of shape about it :).

photo(16)We stripped Baby Belle down to a diaper because I knew this would get messy if I let her take control which I was totally ready to do!

photo(9)photo(10)Notice the hand right in the dye!  🙂

photo(11) photo(12)And finally after she continued trying to bite the egg with it’s shell several times I let her eat not 1 but 2 eggs.  😉

photo(13)photo(14)Piggy 🙂


Hope you all had a happy Easter if you celebrate!



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