Toddler Tuesday-What should we do next?

Happy Tuesday y’all.

Baby Belle has been very touch and go with our “projects” at home.  She gets very excited but then only works on her “project” for a few minutes before getting bored and moving on to something else.   I need to get more on the ball with fun things for her.   Here are some ideas.  I know a lot of these are probably a little to advanced for her but it’s worth a shot to see what will grab her attention!

All For The Boys is a blog I used to subscribe to but no longer get her daily posts.  A lot of jazzy ideas but I know only a few would be good for Baby Belle at this point.  Here are a few I saved that I think we could try now.

Slime Monsters in a baby food jar.  She has the recipe for the slime in the post.

Baby Belle already got a pretty sweet tent from her grandpa at Christmas but she might think this collapsible cardboard house would be fun to paint and decorate with stickers!

I have been wanting to make Busy Bags forever.  Here are a few cool ideas.

Activity Mom also has some Busy Bag ideas.  I have several of her ideas stashed away but most of them will be better in a year or so.  I did find this bath time games that she might think are fun!

What fun things have your kiddos been doing lately?

Have a great day!





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