Weekend Wrap Up

Hey y’all.

I hope you had a good weekend.  I missed you all on Friday but I decided if I don’t have anything prepared to post or don’t have anything jazzy to mention that I shouldn’t bother you :).

I had a pretty good weekend.  Here are some of the highlights.



Baby Belle was acting all crazy with fro yo.  She is a big girl now and gets her own little bowl.  Mostly because I don’t want her stealing all of mine anymore 🙂

photo(1)Someone did a little baking in her own miniature kitchen.   My brother got her this and I left it in the box until Saturday.  She loved it!  I think next holiday I will only let her actually get new toys out of the box a week at a time so its like something fabulous every week.  🙂  She was excited to play with something new!


I went to my girlfriend Alanna’s for a girls night.  We had appetizers, including this fancy plate and brown sugar baked brie.  Alanna did all the fancy stuff.  I made a cream cheese sausage dip that was pretty lame compared to her set up.

photoIt was a ton of fun and we watched Girls Just Want To Have Fun, which I have never seen and it was pretty funny to make fun of it.  We also watched some episodes of The Hills which was drama filled and brought back some memories.

How was your weekend?

Until tomorrow!



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