Eats on my IPhone

Happy Thursday! 🙂

I was cleaning up the photos in my phone which is what I use for my primary camera and found a bunch of food pictures that I thought I would share!

photo(6)Baby Belle has been cooking up a lot of flour and sugar mixtures…YUM!

photo(7)Love these Chobani bites!  Love the Raspberry and Dark Chocolate flavor topped with these South Beach dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds!  Awesome snack!!!!!

photo(8)I have been eating frozen yogurt any chance I get.  Frozen Yogurt Day.  After BabyBelle gets a finger prick at her doctor appointment.  Bad day sister dates.

photo(9)This is a sad day when all I had at work was some old roasted cauliflower and eggs.  Um…not the best!

photo(10)Green juice.  I have been making these about 4 times a week for breakfast.  Basically a watered down protein smoothie with spinach.  I like them, they keep me full and they are easy.

photo(11)Mmmmm.  I made the family fajitas with mexican rice.  I opted to put all the goodies over spinach and it was delish!

photo(12)This was a failed attempt at a spaghetti squash pizza crust that I saw Stuft Mama make.  It didn’t taste the best.  I think I got frozen yogurt later that night 🙂

photo(13)This was the awesome spread that I made for Baby Belle’s birthday party.  Follow me on Pinterest folks….all the cupcakes were found there!

photo(14)Another Chobani bite flavor….to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The great thing is too is the four packs are usually like $2.99 at Target and Chobani has coupons!  Great deals and so yummy!




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