Hump Day Happenings


I can’t believe how on top of my blogging I have been since my almost month hiatus.  I just really struggle with being positive (no one wants to read Debbie Downer posts all the time) so when I am in a slump I take time off from here.  I am knocking on wood as we speak that I am in a good place with my healthy, parenting, wifeing, etc and I hope to bring you some happiness when you get on here.  🙂

Today I am bringing you some great posts that I have read recently.

I went to high school with Katie (we actually went to the same elementary school too!) and love reading her blog for decorating ideas and parenting tips.  She recently posted about parenting books that she recommends.  Now that Baby Belle is starting to “share her personality” as we call it 🙂 I am always asking for tips and advice so I am excited to check these books out soon!

My girlfriend Fonda sent me an email with a link to this blog post.  We shared some of our goals with each other at the beginning of the year so it was great to have her send this my way….when a lot of people (I know I am!) start losing sight of their goals and need a little reminder of WHY you had those goals in the first place.

I know we are already 5 days into March but I have been participating in the healthy SELF challenge since last month.  I don’t do everything on the exact day but I do fit everything in at some point.  I use the challenge as little reminders to do these things for myself.  It is all good!

I need to get all over meditation.  I am always overly anxious and worried and stressed and crazy and….the list goes on.  This blog post talks about how awesome meditation is and how I need to get all over it!  🙂

Have you read or written any awesome blog posts lately?  Share!

Have a good one!



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