Toddler Tuesday-Watercolor Crayons

Howdy y’all!

I love hobbies.  I love spending a lot of money on hobbies, do it for a short time, and then find something else to spend a lot of money on.  🙂  When I was in college I got into sewing, painting, soap making, beading….you name it, I spent hundreds of dollars on it.  I had a hard time throwing any of that stuff away because I spent so much money on it ya know.  I would always say, “Maybe one day my kid will want to sew, paint or make jewelry.”

Throughout the years I was able to sell or purge some of the crafting supplies I bought but I did save some things and luckily I found that I saved some watercolor crayons that I bought from the art department of a campus book store I worked at in college.  I don’t know the exact brand but they are similar to these.

I decided to let Baby Belle use these since clean up of acrylic paint is heavy duty.  Remember this day?

Here are some pictures of her painting with the water after she colored on the fancy watercolor paper that I had saved.  🙂

photophoto(1) photo(3)photo(4)It was fun and kept her occupied for a long time and the clean up was a cinch.  Her hands did get a bit pink when she resorted to finger painting but it wiped right off with water.  🙂

Have a great one!



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