Toddler Tuesday-Soap Mud


Finally I am organized enough to have a Toddler Tuesday post today instead of a whine about how I suck post.  🙂  Yay!

I mentioned earlier that I had a snow day last week because I am too chicken to drive in snow.  I hopped on Pinterest and looked for an activity for Baby Belle.  I have a ton of stuff pinned but I had very few on hand ingredients.  No worries…I did have some toilet paper and I also had an old Bath and Body Works bar of soap that I have had since college…TADA!  Soap Mud!  I had pinned a pretty cool recipe that just uses those two ingredients on The Imagination Tree blog.

First I got Baby Belle and my sister busy tearing up toilet paper into teeny tiny bits.


While they did that I grated up a bar of stinky soap.  Then I mixed the soap shavings with the toilet paper.

photo(1) photoThen I poured hot water into a measuring cup.  We were to add the water and mash up the mixture until it combined into a cool messy mud.

photo(3)For some reason I forgot that my kid hates having anything yucky on her hands.  She touched this, gave me a dirty look, and then proceeded to give me a sponge bath with the hot water (don’t worry!  it had cooled down).

photo(2)I let her do it for a good 15 minutes while I happily played in the soapy mixture.  If Baby Belle would have been into it I would have added more toilet paper because it was just a soapy mess but since she was busy bathing me I didn’t worry about it.

photo(4)Oh soap mud!

Have a great day y’all!




8 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday-Soap Mud

  1. at least you had fun with it!!

  2. You’re a cool mom. I would have never done that!

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